Professor Sydney Chung: Surgeon. Pioneer. Author.

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While I was in China (March 2018) conducting research and recording episodes for the new show, I had the great pleasure to meet Professor Sydney Chung (钟尚志 / Zhong Shangzhi), who is a recognized expert and pioneer in medicine, particularly in the area of endoscopy.

Prof. Chung was the President of The Chinese University Hong Kong School of Medicine and the youngest President in the school’s history. 

Prof. Chung studied medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and worked at Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong upon graduation. 

At the age of 50, he experienced his version of the "midlife crisis" and decided to go to Papua New Guinea, the Land of the Unexpected to work as a doctor for three years, often under extreme circumstances with limited medical and Human Resources. 

What I also found out is that Prof. Chung was a key contributor (and known to be one of the heroes) during SARS in Southern China between 2002-2003. 

This is a very short interview, only about 15-minute long. Prof. Chung had a busy schedule but I couldn't resist the opportunity to meet him in person.

To learn more about Professor Chung,I hope you check out his book, the Kindest Cut in both Chinese and English.  He also publishes his writing on Apple Daily in Hong Kong.







Prof. Chung (Left), me and Mr. Li in Zhuhai, China in March 2018

Prof. Chung (Left), me and Mr. Li in Zhuhai, China in March 2018


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