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Eirini Tornesaki: Risks and rewards inside and outside of KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities


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Born and raised in Greece, educated and lived in the UK for 4 years, Eirini Tornesaki has been working with Cirque Du Soleil in the show KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities since January 2014, touring Canada and the United States.  Eirini is the original singer of KURIOS and performed the vocals on the soundtrack album recorded in Montreal and released in November 2014.

When KURIOS came to Boston in May 2016, I was eager to see it live. The music hit me right away. I saw a petit, beautiful woman singing in the background. Her costume so elegant, her voice so pure, and her presence so powerful. I reached out to Eirini and invited her to my podcast.

Special thanks to Amélie Robitaille, publicist of KURIOS, for helping source the wonderful soundtrack and incorporate them into this podcast.

Questions we discussed:

  • How was Eirini recruited by Cirque du Soleil? What was the process like?

  • What are the changes and decisions she had to make in order to work for KURIOS?

  • What special training did she go through to become the singer she is today?

  • What do she fear during the show? How does she manage mistakes and when things go wrong?

  • What\’s the a Day in the Life of Eirini?

  • Why does she believe that \”you should not focus on your mistakes in the show\”?

  • How did she grow up in Greece? How does she manage to sing in many languages?

  • How did Eirini survive bullying in school? How can parents and our society support children who have been bullied?

  • Eirini\’s experience watching KURIOS for the first time as part of the audience.

  • \”Your life leaves you when you enter the circus.\”

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