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Nat Novak is a studio manager, a maker of all things at Brand Content, an agency based in Boston. He and I met at Arnold Worldwide in 2013. In the years I have known Nat and while we worked at Arnold, we were both running around the office just like everyone else. From time to time, we would slow down our footsteps to have meaningful and philosophical conversation. I always wanted to capture those moments and glad we finally did.

Nat is not only interesting to talk to, but he is also a bit superhuman in my mind. He can make anything, from any material, with his bare hands.

When I first set foot at Arnold, I witnessed the Black Submarine, designed and built by Nat for young children to play with during a Halloween party a few years ago. The agency decided to keep it in a prominent spot despite the crowded office space we have in Downtown Boston. In fact, whenever there are clients and new hires visiting the office, the Black Sub was a treasured destination.







Nat builds complex units with raw, simple materials. A good example is the \”skull\” he constructed with used razor blades. For Jack Daniel\’s (one of Arnold\’s clients), Nat designed and completed a leather case to celebrate Frank Sinatra\’s 100th birthday.

I jokingly said to Nat that if we were stuck on a dessert island, he would help us escape quickly.

Working with Nat Novak is an eye-opening experience. He teaches us how to be open-minded, creative and human. He reminds us to always ask the question, why? what is the problem we are trying to solve?

In this 45-min episode with Nat, he unveils and deconstructs his entire creative process. If you are a parent, I\’m sure you can learn a few things from Nat on how parenthood has positively influenced the way he thinks.

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