Erik Bergman: Making Money and Giving It All Away

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About Our Guest

What would you do if you just made 15 million dollars? Our guest Erik Bergman did just that.

Two years ago, his first company went public. He made 15 million dollars, in one day, on his 28th birthday.

Erik Bergman is now 31, lives and works in Malta.

Born and raised in Sweden, he came from an ordinary family. His parents managed to send him to a fancy private school, where he felt like “the poor kid”. That experience had a big impact on Erik’s self-esteem and gave him the drive to make money, and a lot of it!

In this episode, Erik talks to us about:

  • How he was able to make 15 million dollars and how it impacted his behaviors toward personal and professional life

  • Why he started (and how much he paid for this crazy rare domain)

  • His origin stories

  • His philanthropic endeavors and where he has contributed his money and time

  • How you can make the most of your money and effort working for nonprofit

  • Lastly and on an unrelated note - sex and relationship

After Erik made his fortune, he helped build a school in Ghana (in western Africa). Since that trip, he started to plan his future and figure out the best way to contribute. So he started engaging in various projects and researching to learn more about nonprofit.

Erik knows deep down and there’s something he does best: making money. His new plan and possibly a project of a lifetime is to make money, and give everything away. This is the story of, a controversial charity.

Besides money, making the world a better place, Erik also has researched and read quite a bit about sex and relationship. He shared his own stories and a list of incredible resources. “People don’t talk about sex, not even in private relationships.” Erik confronted a truth we rarely acknowledge in public.

It comes down to one simple thing: How can we learn to truly love and respect ourselves?

Please join Erik Bergman and me on the Feisworld Podcast today. And hope you’ll share this conversation with one more person.

Learn more about Erik and his company

Links and Resources mentioned on the show

Resources on Sex, Self Love and Relationships

Show Notes

  • [05:00] Where are you based nowadays? Why did you move there?

  • [06:00] What’s the story behind you and your friend making 15M USD on the first day you went public with Catena Media

  • [09:00] How did it feel to have that much money? What were the first things that came to mind and maybe the first purchases?

  • [11:00] Why was it such a relief to succeed in going public?

  • [13:00] What were some of the struggles/stresses/tensions during that time at Catena?

  • [14:00] What type of business was Catena Media and what did it take to be successful? Why do you think it was successful?

  • [17:00] What did you end up doing with the money you earned with Catena?

  • [20:00] Have you ever gone negative feedback regarding the money you earned with Catena?

  • [21:00] Can you share some words about the video you recorded for What is the main message you are trying to convey?

  • [24:00] What is your vision for

  • [26:00] What is going to be the business model for this new company? How could people contribute?

  • [29:00] What will you be doing with the money that you earn with

  • [32:00] Are there any causes that interest you personally?

  • [36:00] Do you have a research department looking at the all the different charities, their impact, etc? How do you get this data?

  • [40:00] You spent 900,000 USD on! What is the story behind it, your thought process, and how did make people feel? Did people feel it was worth buying it? What was some of the feedback?

  • [44:00] What is affiliate marketing about? How does it work? And how could people go about setting up their first business?

  • [50:00] What was your first affiliate marketing business?

  • [54:00] What are some of your recommendations for people that want to get into affiliate marketing as a side or main business?

  • [60:00] What is your new podcast Becoming Great about? How long did you started with this project?

  • [64:00] You mention in your website that you like to talk about any topic, including sex. What did you write that and what is your take on sex?

  • [66:00] Which resources helped you to be more knowledgeable about sex and to address some of the problems you were facing?