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Hey I’m Back After 5 Weeks in China & New Mini Series on Feisworld!

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Guys! I returned to Boston on June 14th after a 5-week vacation with some work in China. It was a luxury to be able to unplug for so long! I was able to slow down and reflect on life and career for both my mom and myself. 

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I was born and raised in Beijing, China and came to the United States at the age of 17. These days, people like to ask me how often I travel back, and if I feel differently somehow. The answer is that I’ve never felt closer to my origin, my roots.

This trip was a particularly rewarding one for me. My mom and I spent 2 weeks in Shanghai, 2 weeks in Beijing and 1 week in Tsingtao (Shangdong Province) where the famous beer factory resides. Neither one of us drinks but we did visit the famous Beer Street outside of the factory that runs about a mile long. Think busy nightlife, beer in every color and lots of seafood (some of which you probably don’t recognize)…

My mom Xiang Li and I were in Tsingtao for another reason. Three years ago, she sold her Dream of the Red Chamber collection to a large organization in Tsingtao. Having acted as her agent and negotiator for a while, we decided that her collection was going to be displayed in a museum inside a cultural park. It took much longer than expected for the exhibition to go live but it’s finally there now.

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My friends recently asked me about the most rewarding part of my trip. The art exhibit opening ceremony? Or something else? 

Perhaps I thought my first email to my readers and podcaster friends on this email list would be to share more podcasting insights. Well, here’s a change for you and for me.

The most rewarding part of my trip, as it turned out, was to help my mom find her way home to Beijing after spending the past 3 years on the road working as an artist. The move included packing and unpacking dozens of large packages. As soon as we got home, I also helped renovated our condo and made it much more comfortable and livable for mom.

When my dad passed away nearly 10 years ago, many of my mom’s friends were worried about her. With good intentions, they tried to talk her into retiring from painting. But it wasn’t what she wanted.

Instead, she kept on researching and painting new collections, including the first Chinese Empresses featuring 120+ empresses from multiple Chinese dynasties. Not a single artist in the history of China has attempted to take up such a massive project without a clear monetary benefit. Mom simply feels that the history of women in China and worldwide is not to be forgotten, but to be celebrated. With her skills as a master artist from the Forbidden City of Beijing, China., she has a much better chance to take it on, and to do it right. And I’m just thrilled to be able to witness the process and to support her.

We are currently seeking partnerships with corporate sponsors, museums and curators to bring forward this collection and an unforgettable experience for visitors.

That’s my update for now! I’m back in the game to keep pushing Feisworld forward with its services, mastermind, docuseries and a new book for immigrants, workers and students living in America.

I’d like to hear from you! Who knows, you may be my next interview subject for the new book.

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New on Feisworld Podcast

Mini Series starting Friday July 12th, 2019
How Freelance Works 

Why create such a series?

Every event, dinner get together, bar mitzvah, I find myself repeatedly addressing the same questions for people who want to start a freelance career.

In this series, I’m going to reference both my own experience, as well as incredible tips and tricks offered by the guests on the Feisworld Podcast including references to their quotes, books, exercises and more.

You will learn How to Freelance in 15 mins or less each week, without consuming hours of podcast at a time.


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Some of the areas we’ll be covering include knowledge such as: 

  • Health Insurance
  • Personal and Business Finance
  • DIY Incorporation
  • Taxes
  • Website of your services and offerings

But also the human side of things such as: 

  • How do you find out what you are good at & can charge for?
  • How do you find your first few clients?
  • How to pitch to your clients?
  • How to balance too much work or not enough work?
  • How to charge, and how much you charge?
  • How to avoid burnout?
  • Some more advanced topics such as

    • How to hire contractors in and outside of the US?

    • How to work with virtual assistants?
    • Etc etc…

As it turns out, summer is a great time to learn new things, reconnect with yourself, ask questions, reflect… I’m here to support YOU. I welcome your questions via the format of a blog post comment, or simply contact me at [email protected]  Your feedback will help me refine the content and develop a course in the future. 

Look forward to hearing from ya!

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