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Left: producing a commercial for my high school, Fryeburg Academy in Maine in 2000. Right/top: hosting my radio show \”Youth Rhythm\” at China National Radio Station (CNR) in 1999. The show was broadcasted nationwide every Monday 8-9pm for a year; Right/bottom: Invited as a guest at WMWV in Conway, New Hampshire in 2001.

After announcing the first 1,000 downloads of the feisworld podcast in January 2015, a number of friends, guests and listeners reached out to me via Facebook, Twitter, emails and phone calls. They congratulated me on this significant milestone and urged me to continue my journey as a podcaster.

Caleb Brown, the first guest on the feisworld podcast, had requested to have me interviewed on my own show. To my surprise, he was not the only one. Jade Longstaff, a colleague, mentioned my show in her message on Facebook of being aspired to embrace her inner artist-self. Julia Holloway, a guest from Ep. 13, had decided to create her own podcast this year. Ralph Peterson Jr. from Ep 14 and 15 has been using our podcast as part of his teaching materials at the Berklee School of Music.

I never felt more honored and blessed in my life. 


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.43.03 PM

How did I get there and why did I start a podcast with no prior experience in audio engineering, nor do I have a trained voice? This interview about me, my life, became an opportunity to ask myself these questions.

When I first started the feisworld podcast in October 2014, one of my high school teachers hinted that she saw this coming from a mile away. \”Fei! I remember you as a 16-year old D.J. at the China National Radio Station.\” I had long forgotten about that very special year of engaging and connecting with audience from around China and receiving dozens of letters every week. I dusted off a few old photos and made them into a collage as a featured image for this post.

Today, 15 years later, I offered myself a gift to connect with people who are admirable, authentic, creative and fun. In turn, my podcast has become my gift to those around me and to the world. Three months after the release of the feisworld podcast, I have welcomed nearly 2,000 downloads and listeners from 40 countries.

You can learn more about me and about my podcast directly on this website. I welcome your comments, feedback and hope we continue this journey of shared experiences.

I want to thank Adam Leffert for offering his time to conduct this wonderful interview. Adam is a full-stack C#/ASP.Net web developer based in Boston, MA.

Do you enjoy this podcast? If so, please leave your comment below and share the podcast with your family and friends. Your support will keep me on track and bring many other unsung heroes to this podcast.

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Show Notes (Times Are Approximate):

  • Why are we interviewing you (Fei) on your own podcast? [0:45]

  • What are you working on as of now and before that? [1:30]

  • What got your into podcasting? [3:30]

  • What was your timeframe in setting up a podcast? What are some of the vendors you considered for hardware and software [5:30]

  • What is the cost of setting up a podcast? [8:30]

  • Podcasting is about \”my truth and their truth\”. [13:30]

  • What are some of the industries, trends, surprises you\’ve discovered so far? [18:30]

  • How long does it take to produce an episode? [23:30]

  • What has resonated with you and what have you learned podcasting? [27:00]

  • Sung and unsung heroes as guests on feisworld podcast [33:30]

  • What have you learned and what are some of shifts in perspective, changes in how you approach your interviews? [36:00]

  • How should someone approach podcasting, or any hobby and interest? [40:30]

  • What do you find most interesting/exciting to learn about other people\’s stories? [47:30]

  • How can someone participate or become a guest on the feisworld podcast? [52:00]

  • Message from Fei for her guests on enjoying a good life, living with passion [54:00]

  • Teaser content of a pre-recorded podcast interview with Fei\’s mom, master artist Xiang Li and why Fei wants to embrace female voices on her podcast [1:00:00]

Vendors (Podcast hosting, microphone, software, hardware):

Podcasts/Podcasters I admire:


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