Helena Escalante on Transcreating EntreGurus.com and Writing for the Ear

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Helena Escalante

About Our Guest

Helena Escalante and I met through Seth Godin's altMBA in early 2017. We spent just about a month together working on various projects and "ship it" constantly. As one of the ideas that came out of altMBA, Helena started her blog, Entre Gurus, attracts thousands of readers daily from around the world. 

Helena is a fireball, full of energy. You can't help feeling upbeat, life is good when you are around her. After altMBA, we kept in touch with Gustavo Serafini's (also a guest on Feisworld) weekly Mastermind Group, when Helena more fully unveiled her potential and helpful nature as a colleague and a friend. 

To learn more about and from Helena, check out her daily blog: https://entregurus.com/

To discover what Helena means by "writing for the ear", check out this resource here.

Show Notes:

  • [08:00] You mention that a podcast is likely going to be part of EntreGurus as well. Since the content is in both English and Spanish, are there going to be different podcasts or the same?

  • [10:00] How do you feel about translations? How can you express the same emotion in one language and the other?

  • [11:00] What are some of the things you have learned that you wish you knew before, now that you started with this podcasting journey.

  • [13:00] How do you "write for the ears"? What are some of your examples?

  • [16:00] Are you planning on writing for your podcast, and recorder it afterwards? Or would you prefer having a list of bullets and improvise a little bit.

  • [18:00] What are brain writing and brain mapping?

  • [25:00] Can you share with us your origin story? Where did you grow up and when did you move to the US?

  • [26:00] How old where you at the time you were helping your parents with their business? What did you do to help them?

  • [28:00] Do you think your parents influenced what you do today, your interests and your love for knowledge?

  • [29:00] Was your path unusual for a Mexico City-based family?

  • [30:00] How did it make you feel when you were young that your parents had such different activities and ways of living compared to other Mexican families?

  • [33:00] What brought you to the US?

  • [36:00] When did you start your own business and why did you choose to do that?

  • [37:00] What are some of the services your business provides?

  • [40:00] What is your experience hiring a contractor for a task? What lessons did you learn and what do you look for?

  • [45:00] How did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Why did you join altMBA?

  • [59:00] How do people find you and connect with you?


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Favorite Quotes

[10:00] One of the things that I love is this term called ‘transcreation’: you are not just translating, you are taking a little bit of freedom of changing the message to where it really resonates but without taking anything away from the essence. It’s really that act of transcreation that you are putting together when you go from one language to another.

[13:00] I have come to believe that one of the best things you could do is not sound canned. Also, it is very different to write for an audience that it’s going to be reading, versus an audience that is going to be listening. You have to write ‘for the ear’.

[16:00] We all have this ‘reading’ detector. You know who is reading and who is not, so you want to give them what they want, which is that connection with you.

[32:00] There were times in which I wish I didn’t work because something was happening. But overall I really enjoyed the work, and also, I really enjoyed meeting foreign people and showing them Mexico. That part of becoming some sort of an Ambassador to my country I love and cherish.

[36:00] My professional life when I was an employee was always focused on marketing, advertising, public relations, international relations, and trade. I always saw each of those as a separate one, until I got this lightning moment that put all of those together. That moment connected all those dots and I said ‘Yes, I can do that’.


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