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Terri Hanson Mead Teaches You to Pilot Your Life


meet terri hanson mead

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Terri Hanson Mead is a San Francisco Bay Area native, a helicopter pilot (a skill which she learned later in life after she has become a mom), IT consultant, expert witness, angel investor.

Terri runs her podcast \”Piloting Your Life\”, which consists of inspiring interviews with people who chose to rely on their internal fortitude to chart their own course. Terri discusses what helped them achieve the success they enjoy today. 

\”Many of us have big goals but don’t have the role models to help us see this journey unfold in front of us. It is hard to become something that you can’t see or imagine and these interviews provide inspiration for us to be the pilots in our own lives. \” – Terri Hanson Mead 

This was one of the conversations I wish never ended. Terri and I talked for more than an hour so to keep listening easier, we\’ve broken down into two parts. 

This episode is especially exciting for women who want to know how they too can thrive in business and in life. Though there isn\’t an absolute work-life balance, an over-used and often not achievable, Terri walked me through how she manages her success as a self-made unsung heroine. 

As for Terri, her background had to do with technology, and she can help companies get to market faster and optimize overall business processes. On top of that, she is a natural connector, who loves connecting people and ideas.

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Show Notes

  • [07:00] Tell us how you became a helicopter pilot?

  • [08:00] When did you decide to start taking flying lessons? What were you going through at that time?

  • [10:00] How was your initial experience? Were you scared when you started?

  • [12:00] What does \”ground school\” mean?

  • [14:00] Why fly helicopters and not airplanes?

  • [17:00] How does it feel for you to fly? What do you do when you are actually flying?

  • [19:00] Have you ever experienced a failed engine or malfunction on air?

  • [20:00] You are trained for emergency landings, but in case of those events, what are some of the things you would do?

  • [22:00] How do people respond or react when they find out that you are a pilot?

— Part 2 —

  • [30:00] What is it like to live in the Silicon Valley area? How true is the Silicon Valley TV show?

  • [33:00] What is your role as an angel investor?

  • [39:00] What is your role in your consulting business?

  • [42:00] What are some of the organizations you invested in? What type of organizations are those?

  • [47:00] What would be your advice to people trying to get into Angel Investing?


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Favorite Quotes

[15:00] They usually ask me why helicopters over airplanes? Maybe it’s because everybody can fly an airplane, and I wanted to do something that’s a little bit different. You have so much going on in a helicopter, your right hand is doing something, your left hand is doing something, your feet are doing something, and then you are constantly looking around, you are on the radio. Every part of you is engaged. For me that’s the fun part.

[31:00] I’m constantly trying to find the right balance between the reality and the craziness of everything that’s going on here (in the Bay area).

[38:00] I’m constantly looking for ways to introduce people to each other, whether they are investors to investors, people to investors, investors to startups, or even resources to resources to continue to build what I’m calling this mesh network of support in order to get more money in the hands of people.

[51:00]  The good news is that there’s no single path into angel investing, and that’s something I want to make clear for all people, especially women, who are generally not big risk takers. The problem is that we need to be bigger risk takers from a financial perspective to be solid from a financial perspective later on in life. We need to take more of those risks.  We need to set aside some part of our asset class into high risk assets, invest intelligently, so we can have the potential for bigger outcomes.



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