William Hung: The Real Story

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About Our Guest

William James Hung is "a Hong Kong-born American former singer who gained fame in early 2004 as a result of his off-key audition performance of Ricky Martin's hit song "She Bangs" on the third season of the television series American Idol." - Wikipedia 

Soon after American Idol ended, William landed a number of gigs as a singer and appeared on some of the top American Shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, Entertainment Tonight, David Letterman, The Howard Stern Radio Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

William has a story left to tell. Here's what actually happened.

While many people think he put on an act to embarrass himself, the truth was far from it. He wanted to sing and get on stage. This is what our conversation is about. 

Fast forward 14 years, William has released two albums but is looking to try other things in life. He is working to become a coach to help others overcome adversity. He's still figuring things out - and talking to him was fascinating. 

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Show Notes

  • [06:00] How did you decided to sign up to be a contestant of American Idol?

  • [08:00] Was the elimination/selection process intimidating?

  • [09:00] Why do you think the organizers let you through?

  • [10:00] How old were you and what were you doing at that time?

  • [11:00] What did actually happen? What’s your story?

  • [13:00] What happened after the show? Were you surprised?

  • [14:00] How did your friends and family respond to that? How did other people react?

  • [15:00] What did you say to your parents?

  • [16:00] How did you feel about your own self image, and what did you classmates think?

  • [17:00] What are some of the requests that people sent to you after the show? How many of those interviews did you actually do?

  • [19:00] How long did it take for you to ‘ride the wave of fame’?

  • [22:00] How were your record deals and how many albums did you produce?

  • [23:00] Did you quit school to produce the first album? If so, did you go back to school at some point?

  • [24:00] What are some of the other highlights of those 4 years after American Idol?

  • [25:00] When did you discover that the ‘wave of fame’ was fading and what were some of your actions to react to that?

  • [27:00] Do you have anything you wanted to do but you left out because of American Idol, and because of the persona that was created for you after the show?

  • [29:00] How did you know that you were doing the right thing?

  • [31:00] Your business is about public speaking, what’s your ideal client?

  • [33:00] What are some of the things that you did for your business to be reborn after the American Idol experience?

  • [36:00] Have you thought of creating an online course?

  • [38:00] What’s your podcast about, why did you started it and what are some of your guests?

  • [40:00] What are some of the lessons you’ve learned so far as a podcaster?

  • [41:00] What’s the format of your podcast episodes?

  • [42:00] How can people learn and connect with you?


Favorite Quotes

[18:00] Some of my friends at that time were very supportive, they told me that you only get that opportunity once in a lifetime, so you might as well go for it...

[22:00] I had to move forward with it. I knew that I was going to commit to this record contract, it was a point of no return. I would literally have to give up school, go all way and see what happens. The reason I was able to come to that conclusion was because I really had two choices: (1) I embrace being the she bangs guy, or (2) hide in fear and hope people would forget about it.

[34:00] People gave me some feedback and told me that I really should emphasize something related to having courage or turning fears into courage, because that gives me the most credibility. So now I’m going for something along the lines for helping people find that courageous voice.

[40:00] My angle for having this new podcast is to build relationships with people, it is not about money, it is about learning from the other person and figuring out some of the things that I can use to improve how I connect with other people?


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