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Paige Brunton: SquareSpace Designer for Female Entrepreneurs


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Paige Brunton is still in her early 20s. She runs the site that helps female creative entrepreneurs build their websites using SquareSpace.

I also used SquareSpace to build my website and numerous other client sites as part of Feisworld\’s Marketing Service Offerings.

While building my consulting business, I found my tribe of mentors – and Paige is one of them. 

So this episode is for you if you are…

  • Looking to build a new website or upgrade the one you have – using a simple, all in one solution with a 24X7 support such as SquareSpace (I\’m not an affiliate!)

  • You are contemplating how you might be able to monetize your skills online

When we were recording the episode, Paige was enjoying herself in Southeast Asia and working on her first online course. 

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Show Notes

  • [04:00] What’s a short version of where you’ve been since college?

  • [05:00] Do you remember when you had your first client?

  • [07:00] How did you start in the ‘entrepreneur’ world? How difficult is it to do it abroad, in Germany?

  • [08:00] Can you share your lessons about the tough times? What triggered your bad moments and how did you overcome them?

  • [10:00] When did you start to feel comfortable with yourself as an entrepreneur, and offering your services?

  • [11:00] How do you do to ‘measure’ yourself? To know if you are on the right path in your business, or in a particular project?

  • [13:00] How do you usually introduce yourself?

  • [14:00] How is your online course coming along? What is it about?

  • [16:00] How do you approach blogging? How do you schedule the posts to always have content ready to release?

  • [17:00] How much in advance do you usually write your posts?

  • [18:00] What are some of the tools you use to keep track of the topics, resources, etc?

  • [19:00] What is your course about? Who\’s your target audience?

  • [20:00] What are some of the lessons you’ve learned about client conversion? Which of them are intuitive vs. counter-intuitive

  • [22:00] What’s your ideal client? What do you like the most about working with clients like that, and what do you struggle with?

  • [26:00] How did you convert some of your clients? Where were they before they were your clients?

  • [29:00] What are some of the plans for the future and your future product structure?

  • [31:00] How long have you been exploring YouTube?

  • [34:00] Do you envision different packages for your online courses?


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