How I see myself in a decade

How I See Myself in a Decade (The 2020’s)

In late 2019, I noticed a lot of YouTubers were sharing their reflections for the year. I was inspired by the content but decided to try something a bit different. So I asked myself: “How do I see myself in a decade?”

Yup, that can feel like a daunting question. What will I do to make 2020-2030 the best decade ever? I sat down with myself and gathered learnings from my podcast for 5+ years with over 200 conversations, as well as insights from working as an entrepreneur for the past 4 years. I talked to some of my mentors and friends…

How I See Myself In A Decade (Video)

There’s something quite profound that comes with age. I’m embarrassed to admit that even I had gained some wisdom, which is all about asking the right questions.

Now the bigger question is: What does your best decade look like? And dare I ask, how can you make the next decade your BEST decade ever?

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