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Zoom for Zumba: How to Add Zin Music to Spotify Playlist to Use for Zoom (2022)

Many people asked about how to add ZIN music to Spotify playlist (this works for iTunes too under “local music”). I thought the steps would be trivial, but it actually involves Spotify advanced settings and takes some practice to get it right. In this video – as always – I help explain step-by-step how to do this.

Zoom for Zumba

ZIN music (from Zumba.com) can only be downloaded once by Zumba members/subscribers. Please keep that in mind, and make sure you organize your music earlier on and NOT lose them by accident. 🙂


  1. Hi there

    This was real helpful

    Is it possible to download from the Spotify on the computer to Spotify on your phone?

    If not

    Is there anyway of putting Spotify tracks onto the ZIN app?

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