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As more people learn how to use Zoom, we\’ve also seen more issues surrounding Zoom as a teaching tool from a video, sound and synching perspective. This is because Zoom wasn\’t originally designed for fitness entrepreneurs.

In this video, I begin to pivot some of my content to help instructors in martial arts, fitness and dance who want to livestream their lessons using other platforms. We are going to start with the easiest and most accessible one – Facebook Live.

I\’m going to share with you how to more professionally prepare and teach a lesson using Facebook Live, including how you can face the camera, how you can set expectations when you go live for better audience engagement and retention (!!). Ideas for how you separate paid vs. free members within Facebook, who gets to see what, etc.

Last but not least, the minimum equipment you can get for a camera, lighting, and sound that is easy to set up. I\’ll show you briefly an example of using a lighting kit, too.

Neewer lighting kit:

Xenvo pro lens kit for mobile phones:

Rode Video Micro:

Quick teasers for FUTURE VIDEOS – livestream will be a household name before the end of 2020. Yeah that\’s my prediction! I want you to come along and learn with me on how to use affordable and accessible livestream apps (Restream, Loola, Castr and more), with zero prior knowledge or gaming experience. haha… I believe if I can learn it, so can you.


1. Facing the camera directly, take a few steps back so they can see your full body

2. Don’t just start the recording with proper explanation and setup (a brief intro goes a long way)

3. Set people\’s expectations – how long the live session will be, how they can engage with you, etc.

4. Save videos once you finish recording

5. Paid vs. free content – the use of a private Facebook group

6. Camera lens attachment

7. Sound – Rode Mic for your mobile phone

8. Lights – Neewer 2-pack 



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