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How to Build a Zoom Virtual Fitness Business

Hi fitness instructors and creative entrepreneurs! I show you the features that are most important in OnPodio to get you started (or enhance) your existing Zoom virtual fitness class experience. OnPodio is 100% free for instructors – no subscription whatsoever.

After spending months working with OnPodio to better understand the platform’s functionalities, recommending features, I’m finally releasing this video explaining the important features, including how you connect Zoom and Stripe payment to easily charge for virtual classes – single sessions, class pack, monthly subscriptions, coupons and even onDemand videos all right from this platform.

Zoom Virtual Fitness With Onpodio – Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:00 How to connect Zoom and start selling virtual classes in minutes!
  • 05:30 How to create an instructor profile
  • 06:30 Settings
  • 07:40 How to create a class schedule
  • 08:50 How to add a class pack or subscription
  • 09:50 How to connect your stripe account
  • 10:45 How to create a new membership
  • 12:00 How to add a coupon
  • 13:48 How to create videos on demand
  • 15:30 Conclusion

To sign up and experience OnPodio for yourself.

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