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How to Get Started With Twitch and Obs for Teaching Zumba

In this video, I’ll demonstrate a great alternative to teaching Zumba on Zoom. Twitch!

Twitch isn’t only a gaming platform but also a teaching platform for creative and fitness entrepreneurs. Twitch comes packed with features – most importantly – Twitch delivers some of the highest video and audio quality (with minimum synching issues), which lacks in Zoom.

Jorge and Kathy Fuentes have been teaching on Twitch with high-quality audio and video, check it out:


2:10 – Sign up for Twitch and features relevant for dance and fitness teachers

7:20 – Integromat Zoom integration for Twitch

7:40 – OBS download and step by step tutorial

9:20 – where to find Twitch key, and how to insert it into OBS

10:20 – OBS interface how to and configuration

11:30 – adding a video capture device

12:40 – how to add an image source

13:25 – how to design elements for OBS using Canva

16:10 – Live Test

17:15 – results and analysis

17:50 – how to archive previous vides (aka Video On Demand)

How to enable video on demand (VOD) for Twitch:

OBS setup guide:

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