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How to get to know virtual attendees with survey

People have been asking how to get feedback from their virtual attendees. This could be for their dance and fitness classes, webinars, and other Zoom sessions we\’ve been running throughout the pandemic.

In this video, I demonstrate the setup of a simple #survey using #SurveySparrow using an existing template. You can easily modify it to your needs. Think about the questions you can survey your virtual class audience?

– Will you still consider virtual classes once the gyms reopen?

– What are the best days/times for our class ____?

– What do you like most about our sessions?

– How can we improve the way we teach to make it more productive and engaging?

– (Zumba/Dance) What are your song requests?

Zoom comes with limited #survey functionalities, and it can be hard to conduct Zoom sessions and ask feedback at the same time. Instead, survey tools such as SurveySparrow (shown in this video) and a few others can come in handy. You\’ll have analytics and reports for all your questions in one place, as opposed to gathering via direct messages, emails and other channels.

Survey software I like including:

SurveySparrow (has a free version): https://surveysparrow.grsm.io/feiwu3936

Google Form (always free):

Typeform (has a free version): https://admin.typeform.com/signup

SurveyMonkey: (has a free version): https://www.surveymonkey.com/pricing/teams/details/




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