improve Zoom video and audio quality

How to Improve Zoom Video and Audio Quality When Teaching Online

Now you’ve selected Zoom (or other tools such as Google Hangout, Skype, etc.) to teach lessons online, how do you improve your actual video and audio quality?

High-speed internet? Yes, most definitely. But there are OTHER THINGS you can do incrementally and significantly improve your video and audio quality. Everything explained in plain English to set you up for success ASAP.

This video addresses and explains how to use:
►Lighting Kit
►iPhone camera lens to widen the view

Remember, practice makes perfect!


All the products mentioned in the video:  

►Logitech webcam 1080p: 
Alternative option from eBay (while Logitech is unavailable):… 
►AudioTechnica ATR-2100 microphone USB and XLR:
►Xenvo Pro Lens for iPhone: 
►Tripod options:
Mactrem professional camera tripod with ball-head: 
AmazonBasic lightweight tripod (60-inch): or (50-inch) 
Manfrotto travel tripod:
Bendable tripod such as: or 
►Studio lights: 
Neewer two-pack standing light kit: 
Neewer ring light kit:
►Room lights: 
BrightTech LED room light: 
BrightTech Maxwell shelf floor lamp: 


The YouTuber Kit for Profitable Small Creators and Channels

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