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Q&a for Zoom Live Tutorial for Dance Instructors

After releasing the video “How to teach dance and Zumba classes live with Zoom“, I received a number of great questions I’d like to address head-on using this video. 

Pre-req (how to use Zoom live for dance instructors): https://youtu.be/mws5nzOt1Yg

Questions we’ll address in this Q&A video: 

  • How can I speak and teach dance at the same time? 
  • Can I use my mobile phone or tablets for the same Zoom computer audio setting?
  • How do I mirror my video? 
  • Is my wifi sufficient for teaching dance on Zoom
  • Can I use my ZIN app? 
  • Should or can I use the Zoom virtual background for my dance class? 

Tools and Resources:

TOOLS to improve your Zoom and online lesson audio and video quality 

Tripod Options:

Studio lights: 

Room lights: 

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