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How to Teach Dance, Zumba, Yoga and Fitness Classes Live With Zoom (Zoom for Fitness)

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Many dance and Zumba instructors need to teach online – it’s a great option for many! Yet most online conferencing tools aren’t originally designed for this purpose. The settings are hidden and difficult to find. This video aims to give you the audio-perfect solution in minutes so that you can teach online using Zoom!

The COVID-19 pandemic force nearly all the gyms to close down across the globe. As a result, live workouts such as Zumba, dance and fitness classes came to a complete stop. Yet very few instructors are prepared to teach live online. The dance enthusiasts are suffering in silence, waiting for their instructors go online ASAP. We found a solution.

I create video tutorials for creative and fitness entrepreneurs to help them build their online business and community.

Zoom for Fitness Classes: How to Teach Dance on Zoom

Products Mentioned in the Video:

  • Zoom provides a great option with decent internet service (3 mbps upload minimum). 
  • Verizon Fios Gigabyte connection & get $100 gift card (enter code: LEFFE009VZ)

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This setup requires just a few clicks in the advanced setting to help share “computer audio”. When it’s set up correctly it offers great audio quality, as if you are dancing in the same room as the instructor. 

This Video Also Includes:

  • How to set up the Zoom live session 
  • How to navigate video and audio settings 
  • How to navigate advanced setting to connect computer audio for the BEST audio quality, as if the students are the same room with you! 
  • How to send the invite to your dance students 
  • How to triage technical issues (audio and video) 


►Logitech webcam 1080p: https://amzn.to/2WBrz7O 
►Xenvo Pro Lens for iPhone: https://amzn.to/39cSM3n 
►Tripod options:

►Studio lights: 

►Room lights: 

Hope this helps! Keep spreading the love. 

If you teach dance on Zoom, please consider joining this public in free group to share your lessons and schedules with fellow dance students 

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