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How to Increase Rank Math Score to 80+ Without Content AI Credits

TLDR: In this article, we’ll show you how we’ve able to increase Rank Math score without purchasing their Content AI credits.

Rank Math is the FIRST & ONLY SEO plugin that uses AI to help you write content, also know as “your personal AI Assistant for creating SEO friendly content”. With that said, Rank Math isn’t always intuitive for people who are new to the tool. It can get frustrating to understand how to get the SEO score to over 70 (or even 80) – even with Rank Math’s SEO checklist.

Let’s go! Special thanks to our producer German Ceballos (from AirLapse) for providing these incredible tips.

1. Increase Rank Math Score Using Side Bar Checklist

The tips and tricks I use are actually on the RankMath pane on the side bar. There’s a “checklist” with color icons that guide you through improving the SEO score.

For example, when you write a “focus keyword”, then it check below, under Basic SEO, if you have that focus keyword in the SEO title, Meta Description, URL, etc.

If those are marked in red or yellow, there’s still room for improvement. So we can fix one by one.

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 23.37.24.png

Sometimes it just only takes adding that keyword to a few places to get the score up.

Other times, you also need to add an image, or add that in the body of the text to increase the keyword density.

2. Keep In Mind That Rank Math Score Is Just a Guide, and Not a Guarantee.

It’s important to remind us all that Rank Math score is just an indication but it is not a guarantee that the post will do great on Google. Still, it does a pretty good job.

We believe that it’s also a bit biased towards their advantage, because for example, to get Score 100, you need to use their “Content AI”, for which you need to buy credits (paying them extra).

For now, don’t worry about content AI, and in short articles, remember that some items like the word count will still be failing or in yellow, instead of green.

If you are in the same camp as we can who’s moving old posts from another CMS to WordPress, don’t bother shortening the URL for now. For already published posts is better to not change the URL. We can use that trick for new posts.

3. Don’t Change the Keywords in “Focus Keywords”

When I first started using Rank Math, I had the tendency to change up the keywords from what’s mentioned in the title, h1, content of my posts to something slightly different. For example, even by changing the keyword Rank Math to RankMath will lower your score.

In short, it’s best to keep keywords the same in “Focus Keywords” in the side bar.

Your Thoughts on Rank Math Score

Do you find this article helpful? What other tricks have you learned about Rank Math that work to help rank your posts higher?

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