Make a Living as a Podcaster

How to Make a Living as a Podcaster in 2020

Many podcasters overlook the potential of what their podcasts can do for them. You don’t need a massive social following or 100K+ downloads to start making money from your podcast.

In this video, I break down the ways I’ve been able to generate revenue from my podcast with insignificant downloads. I will also share examples from my podcast mastermind in terms of how others were able to do the same and more.

Apologies for the clipping sound. This is one of the first few videos I recorded for YouTube. Lessons learned: do NOT wear a necklace and a mic clipped to your shirt. 🙁


(Article) How podcasters make MORE money without advertisers and sponsors:

(Website) I built with Atherton Twins from Cirque du Soleil:

(Tools and Resources) I use regularly to run my business from anywhere in the world:

The YouTube Strategy and Monetization Video Library

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