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The very beginning of my YouTube channel started with these 4 videos

Back in 2010, I was helping Michael J. O’Malley build his own Tae Kwon Do school in Peabody, MA. I was a first-degree black belt student, and Mr. O’Malley was my teacher and mentor. Knowing that he was going to finally build his school after a few decades, I couldn’t be more excited to exercise my entrepreneurial interests. Within weeks of the school opening, we welcomed dozens of children and adult practitioners.

A quick side note, Mr. O’Malley was an important reason for the beginning of my podcast as well. It took me some serious convincing for him to join the show and he eventually appeared in episode 10 and 11.

As I’m writing this blog post in early 2020, I realized that the very beginning of my YouTube journey started with a few videos Mr. O’Malley appeared in, which he recorded using a rented camera in the 1980s.

In retrospect, if I had taken YouTube as seriously as I do now, Feisworld Media will be a very different place.

These are the first 4 videos I uploaded to YouTube in early 2010. They sat on a DVD that was ready to break, which I managed to encode and expert to a thumb drive. Watching the performance of Mr. O’Malley from a few decades ago, I thought we could share the footage on YouTube so more people can see the traditional Tae Kwon Do.

Mr. O’Malley is still teaching Tae Kwon Do in Peabody, MA – if you are lucky enough to live nearby or don’t mind the travel to learn from one of the very best instructors for this martial arts, please visit:



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