record gallery view in Zoom

How to Record Gallery View in Zoom

Zoom Cloud Recording setting is one gray/tricky area. By default, Zoom Cloud Recording only records in Speaker view (one person on the screen at a time), but we often prefer HOST view – when we invite another guest, or two, or when we change to gallery view with many others on the screen at a time. In order to achieve this effect, you MUST change a default setting in Zoom.

 This video helps you walk through every step to make sure the change is made, so that you can record in gallery view (as well as speaker view and screen-share view). 

 Zoom has been a powerful tool for communication worldwide. Recording is essential for many content creators including podcasters, YouTubers and webinar hosts. When recording goes wrong, it may be never be recoverable. Therefore it’s crucial to run a few tests first before your big day.

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