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My Gluten Free Journey and Feeling So Much Better Finally!

Disclaimer: This video is not created to body shame anyone. I’m not a medical professional. Please consult a doctor before dietary changes.

Gluten sensitivity and gluten intolerance are often misunderstood. After trying various diets, I still had my struggles (weight gain, pain after eating, etc.) that were unknown as of early 2020. This video walks through my discovery of sticking to a gluten-free diet for a minimum of 60-days (and it can be even longer for some folks) in order to see the difference.

Hello everyone! Today, I’m sharing something very personal and transformative – my journey to a gluten-free lifestyle and how it significantly improved my health and well-being. This isn’t your typical Feisworld post; I’m diving deep into diet and health, a topic I’ve not explored much before. But, given its profound impact on me, I felt compelled to share.

The Awakening

My journey began with a casual conversation with my friend Sean, who revealed his significant health improvement after eliminating gluten for about 80 days. This got me thinking about my own unexplained health issues, ranging from digestive discomfort to persistent bloating and chronic pain. Despite numerous diets and doctor visits, I never really considered gluten to be the culprit until Sean’s story struck a chord with me.

Taking the Plunge into Gluten-Free Living

Motivated by Sean’s experience, I decided to give gluten-free living a shot. It wasn’t easy at first, especially as someone who loved a variety of foods, including many that contain gluten. But with my mother’s help, who was recovering from surgery and staying with me, we started preparing homemade gluten-free meals. We experimented and discovered new recipes and ingredients that were both delicious and nourishing.

The Transformation

The changes didn’t happen overnight, but persistence paid off. After a few weeks, I started noticing improvements. The bloating reduced, my energy levels increased, and the pains that had become part of my daily life began to dissipate. By the end of two months, not only did I feel physically lighter, but I also noticed a significant reduction in my chronic symptoms. My skin, which had been sensitive and prone to rashes, cleared up, and the constant discomfort became a thing of the past.

The Challenges and Discoveries

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet was challenging, particularly when it came to finding suitable alternatives for my favorite foods. However, this journey led me to a world of new and exciting foods. I discovered the joys of rice cakes, rice noodles, and an assortment of gluten-free grains that are now staples in my diet. Sharing these discoveries on my Instagram, @mamachinesefood, became part of my mission to spread awareness and help others exploring similar dietary changes.

The Message I Want to Share

This journey taught me the importance of listening to my body and not being afraid to try new solutions for better health. I learned that while gluten might not be a problem for everyone, for those like me, understanding and addressing it can be life-changing. I encourage anyone dealing with unexplained health issues to consider all possibilities, including dietary causes.

Remember, while my experience is personal and may not reflect everyone’s journey with gluten sensitivity, I believe in the power of sharing stories. It’s through these shared experiences that we can learn, grow, and perhaps find the missing piece in our own health puzzles. So, here’s to health, discovery, and eating well – gluten-free or not!

Thank you for reading my story. I never imagined that such a personal transformation would be something I’d share so publicly. But if it helps even one person find their path to better health, then every word is worth it. Here’s to a healthier, happier you!

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