How to set up recurring payments for Zoom with Moonclerk

How to Set Up Recurring Payments for Zoom With Moonclerk

In this video, I will show you how to:
– How to enable payments under Zoom webinar
– How to connect PayPal (payment option) for Zoom webinar
– How to use #MoonClerk to collect recurring payments for your recurring #Zoom #webinar! It’s that easy. 

The MoonClerk form can be easily embedded on your website or link directly from your social media page (Facebook Group, etc.) . This method can work very well for fitness and dance instructors. It doesn’t require deep technical expertise to make it work. 

Once the students pay to join your class with recurring payments, you can manually add them as a PANELIST to the Zoom webinar. 

In just ONE week, I’ll show you how to create automation using Zapier so that the students will be automatically added to Zoom webinar series without you having to enter them manually. 

To get started with Zoom webinar, visit:
To get started with MoonClerk, visit:

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