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Why You Should Charge Money for Teaching Dance Online

Should you, or should you not charge for your online dance lessons?

The simple answer is YES, you should charge and feel OK and confident to charge.

In this video I break down the reasons and benefits as to why you should charge, and even how much you can consider charging. The exact dollar amount and process may differ from instructor to instructor. Understandably so, dance teachers have different frequency and styles of teaching.

 This is part of a 4-part series released every Friday starting Friday July 24th, 2020 to help you go from free to paid, as a dance/fitness instructor as well as a content creator.

 In this series you will learn:

– Why you should charge money for teaching dance and fitness online

– How to charge with #Zoom and Zoom webinar using #PayPal

– How to create automation and recurring charges using Zoom webinar and #MoonClerk

– Why recurring charges are SO important in addition to one-time charges

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