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How to use Zoom for #zumbathon and multiple hosts

This question has come up a lot – how do you use Zoom (or Zoom Webinar) with multiple co-hosts and panelists to run events such as a Zumbathon? With preparation, the meeting or your event could be much less than ideal. Here are my top tips to help you order a smooth event!

Feisworld blog post: https://www.feisworld.com/blog/how-to-organize-and-host-a-successful-livestream-concert-from-home-with-zoom-webinar

Instructional PDF for every dance and fitness co-host and participant: https://www.feisworld.com/s/Livestream-like-a-Pro-2.pdf


:30: Rehearsal

1:20: Test Your Settings

2:15: Audio Check

3:55: Check Your Internet

4:21: Charging station

4:54: A host and a facilitator

5:40: Final Thoughts – Regular Zoom vs Webinar

7:26 MUST HAVE – a monitoring device!



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