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Howspace Tutorial: The Ai-Driven Virtual Collaboration Tool

In this video, Michael Leckie (author, speaker and coach) walks us through an incredible AI-driven digital collaboration tool called Howspace.

 Howspace – Show notes:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:00 Quick walkthrough inside Howspace
  • 04:00 How Howspace works (containers and widgets)
  • 05:00 How Michael sets up and organizes his live collaborations using Howspace
  • 06:15 How components work in Howspace
  • 07:15 How to embed YouTube and Zoom as components in Howspace pages
  • 08:00 Additional features within Howspace
  • 10:00 AI: Polls, Analytics, Word-clouds
  • 13:00 Sentiment analysis
  • 13:30 All analytics
  • 16:00 How to run recurring monthly events without recreating the experience each time
  • 18:00 How to set up email reminders
  • 22:00 Conclusion (setup, pricing, etc.)

Register for FREE to attend Michael’s event facilitated using Howspace on Friday, February 26th from 12:15-1pm EST.: https://heart-of-transformation.in.howspace.com

Learn more about Michael Leckie.

More on Michael’s new book (release July 2021) called The Heart of Transformation

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