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How to Close Deals Faster Virtually With Intuit Accelerate

Long story short: This is a detailed, step-by-step tutorial to help anyone get started with Intuit Accelerate, an All-In-One App for Small Businesses to Schedule Meetings, Create Meeting Summaries with Action Items, Filter Leads, Collect Payments.

What Is Intuit Accelerate?

Intuit Accelerate is a virtual collaboration platform to help you collect payments in-session, schedule calls, and transcribe meetings.

Specifically, it helps entrepreneurs and small business owners:

  • Meet with pre-qualified leads faster
  • Collect payments directly on the virtual call
  • Review meeting summaries and actions through in-app live transcription
  • Set up your unique virtual front door and share it on social media

What You’ll Learn (Timestamps)

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:50 Sign up for free
  • 01:40 Access video room
  • 02:56 Detailed walkthrough of video room
  • 04:00 Change camera setting
  • 05:00 Video room controls and features
  • 05:40 Invite guests and clients into the video room (via URL, text message, and email)
  • 06:50 Navigate the auto transcription feature
  • 08:10 Filter meeting summary and todos
  • 09:00 Meeting stats and analytics
  • 09:40 Live payment feature
  • 11:30 Collecting customer information
  • 11:50 Access and download meeting notes
  • 12:20 Setup virtual front door
  • 13:10 Connect and sync Google Calendar inside Intuit Accelerate

Get started with the more profitable virtual meeting platform – Intuit Accelerate.

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