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Jordan Harbinger: The Inner Workings of Effortless Charm


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Meet Jordan Harbinger (, show host for an iTunes Top 50 podcast called The Art of Charm (AoC). AoC also offers in-person training to help people become more charismatic in any situation, master their careers by becoming “super-connectors\” and revamp their love lives and intimate relationships with confidence.

The AoC podcast receives over 2 million downloads per months, with over 440+ episodes featuring guests such as Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Ramit Sethi and Noah Kagan.

The AoC\’s in-person training is so popular that attendees need to register months in advance. The residential program is currently only open to men.  In our conversation, Jordan helps answer why this decision is necessary.

Jordan Harbinger is a public figure.  He is known as a \”sung hero\” on the Feisworld Podcast. Why did we choose to interview Jordan?

We wanted to know what it\’s like to run a popular brand, a podcast and a training program all at the same time.

Key Discussion Points with Jordan:

  • Being famous isn\’t always easy. How does Jordan deal with negative feedback and (even) \”hate mail\”?

  • As a podcaster, I struggle with some of my interviews, especially under the circumstances that I\’m speaking with a guest for the first time. What\’s Jordan\’s advice on managing one\’s anxiety?

  • What Jordan means by \”rescuing yourself\” and why it\’s a crucial skill to have (for anyone)

  • What was the early days like at the AoC before millions of downloads, interviewing world-class leaders, businessmen about their hopes and dreams?

  • How did Jordan start his passion project? How/When did it transition into a legacy business?

  • What are some of the lessons Jordan could pass onto other podcasters and entrepreneurs?

  • My favorite segment: what was Jordan like when he was 10 years old?

The Bonus Section:

All the software and hardware used to run The Art of Charm:

  • Power Conditioner

  • Universal Audio Control (with 3 devices plugged in including MacBook Air – for Producer, iMac – for Jordan, Console – proprietary)

  • Proprietary chain (gets rid of statics, amplifies voices, etc.)

  • Electro Voice RE20 Microphone (on a shockmount)

  • Logic Pro X

  • Zoom Recorder (for backup)

Other Recording Advice:

  • \”Use nice cables!\” (Jordan purchases his from Japan)

  • \”Everyone should have their own track during recording\”

  • \”Producer (Jason) prepares show-notes in realtime\” to easily recall information immediately after recording

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Announcement: Feisworld Podcast is now available on all major channels including iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, Stitcher. (Pending approval from Spodify)


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