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David Delmar: Hacking the Opportunity Gap With Resilient Coders (#58)

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Our Guest Today: David Delmar

David Delmar (@delmarsenties) is the Founder and Executive Director at Resilient Coders (@resilientcoders), an organization dedicated to teaching young people from traditionally underserved communities how to code.

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Resilient Coders’ team do this as a way of aligning students with a lucrative and meaningful career path. “It’s a multi-tiered program that funnels students from learning HTML after school, through our downtown “Coworking” sessions, and ultimately, hourly employment. Higher performers participate in Resilient Lab, a web design and development shop with real clients. “

“Life Is Defined by Your Hurdles.”

In this 30-min conversation, David shares his origin stories from leading a team of designers and coders at PayPal in Boston,  to creating the Resilient Coders, a startup that may or may not work. He talks about “the importance of getting very comfortable with failures and fiercely pursuing your passions”.

When David was five, he volunteered with his mom at a local orphanage in Mexico. “It reframed the purpose of my life.”  He told me.

That story was one of my favorite moments on Feisworld Podcast.

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David and his team offer many formats, time availabilities, long and short term engagements for YOU to get involved. (Please note: you do not have to be a developer!) Contact David at [email protected] directly.

Please let us know passions you have fiercely pursued in the past / are still pursuing via comments below.

David Speaks at Tedxsomerville


Resilient Coders in Action!

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(Boston,MA 07/16/15) Portrait of Resilient Coders, David Delmar (C) with a group of Youth Hackers on Thursday, July 16, 2015 inside The Art Rox offices near Dudley Square. Staff photo by Patrick Whittemore.
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