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12 Best Kayak Pool Products and Accessories (2023)

This blog post is written to help new owners purchase the most essential Kayak pool products and accessories they will need immediately, as well as some fun stuff they can invest over time.

If you are still in the research or installation phase of getting a kayak pool, be sure to check out Everything you need to know about installing and owning a Kayak pool.

The images listed below reference the products and accessories I own and recommend.

Best Kayak Pool Products (Top Picks)

Essentials and Must-Haves

1. Pool salt

If you have purchased a Kayak salt water pool, you need to stock up some salt right away in order to swim in your new pool and keep it clean and running smoothly.

Pool salt is cheapest to purchase at local Home Depot, Lowes and Walmarts between $6-10 per 40 pound bags. You need about 7-8 bags for the largest Kayak Pool (20×40). The exact amount of salt is dependent on the size of the pool, the amount of water used to fill the pool.

Always get an extra 2 bags to store in your garage. We didn’t do this and ended up having to go back to hardware stores. It’s not easy to carry 40 pound bags around if you don’t have to! 😛

There is no need to guess, simply talk to your sales person or your pool water delivery guy. They will be able to tell you the exact amount. After you’ve added sufficient salt, the salt water digital nano will begin working properly with no further maintenance needed.

Amazon does sell pool salt but often at 2-3x the price you’ll get at local hardware stores.

Pool salt (amazon)

2. Solar cover (If you use a heater)

You will want to purchase a solar cover if you have opted in to purchase a heater. The solar cover will really keep the heat in the water and make it nice and cozy for recreational use.

We noticed the solar cover can keep the water heated at 75-78 overnight during cool (but not too cold) evenings in the Fall.

Best Kayak Pool Products - Solar Cover
Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover

When the temperature falls below 50s, we noticed the solar cover still managed to keep the heat at around 75 when we run the heater from 4am – 9am. Keep in mind that running the heater each hour only increases the water temperature by about one degree (or a little less), the solar cover does a great job making the heater work even more efficiently, and keeping the temperature when the heater isn’t running.

It’s debatable whether the solar cover does anything at all when you don’t have a heater. But I noticed a difference before we installed the heater when it was low 70s outside, the solar cover was able to bring up the water temperature, at least the surface level, from a chilling 67 degrees to closer to 70 degrees without a heater.

With that said, I can’t imagine the solar cover will do as much when it’s well below 60s and limited sunshine.

3. Pool cover reels

I had never imagined needing a reel for the pool. We want to be as energy efficient as possible, therefore we use pool cover each day to preserve the heat generated from the heater, and to use natural sunlight to continue heating up the pool as much as possible. However, it’s not easy to open and close using a solar pool (or any type of pool cover). Our pool has a 16×32 swim area and typically takes two people on each end to manually close and open. We decided to invest in a pool cover reel.

image 5 | Feisworld

After extensive research, pool cover reels tend to receive rather mixed feedback. The ones that have the highest reviews on Amazon is from a company called VINGLI. They are on the pricier side but the quality is quite good.

Important Note

Do not order a pool cover reel that has the maximum size as the width of your pool. For example, if a pool cover reel can extend to 18ft and your pool width is exactly 18ft. The reason has a lot to do with the reel material. If it’s extended to the maximum, there’s a chance of the reel to bend in the middle. Why? The solar covers can easily hold water when it rains and it can get a lot heavier when it’s wet than dry. The pool cover reel really has to be made with quality materials.

We are really happy with this purchase and the installation wasn’t so bad either. It took the two of us about a good hour with many small parts. We aren’t experts when it comes to assembling these products. By the way if you don’t have one of these household tool kits, I highly recommend getting one like this. You won’t need all the tools but having the variety and options is a huge plus when you own a pool.

4. Easy to use cleaning device

You’ll likely receive a package of basic cleaning supplies when purchasing a Kayak pool, such as a leaf skim net, alongside a pool pole and a winter cover. These are great tools to start, and you may consider a deeper leaf skim net if needed depending on where you live.

image 6 | Feisworld

In addition to a skim net, I recommend a brush tool such as the following. You don’t need to purchase the pool pole again as these accessories have standard sizes and will most likely work with the existing tools you have, but it never hurts to double-check.

image 7 | Feisworld

5. Ladder entry system

Ohhh, this is so essential for elderly and young people living in your house and those visiting the pool. My mom is 70 and loves to swim, this ladder entry system has made a huge difference. In addition, I noticed everyone including myself has always preferred using the ladder system.

Yes it does take up a bit of space and requires installation. The ladder isn’t super heavy and the instructions are straightforward. We didn’t have much trouble at all and it’s well worth the investment. There are a number of products to choose from on Amazon, and we went with this one below and thinks the quality is on point!

image 8 | Feisworld

6. Automatic robotic Pool cleaner

You probably have heard of this, or seen your pool owner neighbor to be able to sit back, relax and just watch their robotic pool cleaner do the job. This product is definitely an investment, starting at $699 for smaller pools all the way up $1,500 or more. I have purchased the smaller vacuum.

When you first install the pool, the water stays quite clear and clean for weeks. I haven’t seen much debris or significant clean-up needed. I was evening wondering why we purchased the robot vacuum. However, as time goes by, the bottom of the pool could accumulate debris that aren’t easily filterable through the top skimmer, or bottom pool filter (that’s right, Kayak pool has both and that’s why it’s so easy to maintain). The robotic vacuum is going to do the job that the built-in filters can’t get to easily.

The industry leader of these robotic pool cleaner is Dolphin. With over 35 years of experience, Dolphins are 8 times more energy efficient and do not rely on your pool pump or filter to get the job done.

image 9 | Feisworld

La Crosse Technology 331-09667-INT Wireless Pool Thermometer with Indoor LCD Display

Instead of running back and forth to check the pool temperature, you can use this wireless pool thermometer to know the pool temperature anywhere in the house. We find this helpful with a pool heater and when we have guests over to easily know when to jump in.

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 2 | Feisworld

A quick tip: be sure to get the warranty if you can! These devices are great but they also tend to wear out after a few months from soaking in water all day.

Fun Stuff and Accessories

7. Pool lights

These are the cool submersible pool lights, remote-controlled and rechargeable. There are many other options and I find these to be of the best quality.

image 10 | Feisworld

8. Hammock Pool floats

Unlike traditional floats that are difficult (if not impossible) to get in sometimes, these hammock pool floats are not only affordable but also very fun. You can lie on top, use it as a chair (my favorite option), and several others. Whenever we have friends over, they find them comfy, irresistible and will sit in these hammocks for hours!

image 11 | Feisworld

9. Solar Deck Lights

I love these lights and they have 16-packs. I place them on top of the white railings of my Kayak pool and the lights come on automatically during sunset. You need about 2 packs of these lights if you have a 20×40 (larger Kayak pools). It’s beautiful and makes the atmosphere incredibly soothing, pleasant and even upscale. Your pool doesn’t fade in the dark at night, and reminds you of this wonderful addition to your home.

image 12 | Feisworld

10. Microfiber Quick-Dry Towels

These towels try quickly and are easy to clean. They are a good addition to your pool for you and your guests. There are many colors to choose from too.

image 13 | Feisworld

11. Poolside Towel Rack

Do you want to keep your Kayak railings clean and free from hanging towels? We purchased this heavy-duty poolside rack. It’s made of premium material, sturdy for the Kayak pool without being easily blown over. It also comes with a 12-month warranty and the company is able to replace it for free if you have any issues.

Screenshot 2023 06 23 at 12.12.19 AM | Feisworld

12. Poolside Umbrellas

The most difficult item to look for is the umbrella. After searching for and buying cheaper options on Amazon, we decided that a quality umbrella is a must. The key is to purchase an umbrella that comes with a base built to hold the very umbrella. Otherwise, any strong wind can easily knock over the cheap umbrella and the off-brand base. (Yes, we had that happen once already and it’s safe). This option we found on Amazon cost about $189 and it’s been great so far.

Screenshot 2023 06 23 at 12.15.51 AM | Feisworld

What do you think of this list? What else would you like to add to it?

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