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Mighty Networks: How to Start Building an Online Community (2022)

Are you interested in building a community for your podcast, online academy, or perhaps services or products from your company? 

Mighty Networks might be the right tool for you. 

What Is Mighty Networks?

After exploring so many course/community platforms such as Kajabi, Podia, and now Might Networks, I’ve learned a lot and would like to share with you if you are in the process of deciding which platform is right for you. 

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I also understand that this is NOT a simple decision. Before you move over all your community members and/or course content, you want to make sure the decision is wise for the long run. 

Mighty Networks vs Podia

In a previous newsletter, I talked about Podia and why Feisworld Media runs all the courses there. The main reason is that I no longer have a Feisworld community where members come together to chat and ask questions. Running and nurturing a community is a LOT of work, and we didn’t have the capacity to take that on.  

To be clear, Podia does have a community feature but I find the platform to be more optimized towards courses and products, that’s why I’m staying there and love using it to this day. 

How Is Mighty Networks Different From Other Platforms?

Might Networks is different because it’s much more community-oriented, or even community-first. It also has solid and easy to use mobile apps for both iOS and Android, making it possible to engage on the go. 

Mighty Networks Walkthrough

In this video, I walk you through a real community example using MightyNetworks, what I like about the platform and how I used it to create our community for Enabled Disabled for the first time. Specifically I focused on: 

  • Navigating MightNetworks as a user
  • Best practices for creating topics 
  • Connecting between topics and events (such as Zoom webinars) 

But no matter how powerful or easy-to-use a platform is, you have to explore, test and even make mistakes to find what works best for your community. A community doesn’t run on its own and often requires a lot of work to sustain and to thrive. Please remember to be patient and kind to yourself and your team. 🫶

Try Mighty Networks

Give Mighty Networks a shot. They have a 14-day trial so make sure you have a plan ready before signing for the trial, it does go by fast but you can discover a lot in just two weeks. 

What else would you like to learn and share about running a successful community? Hit reply, I’m all ears. 



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