Leigh Shulman: Get Comfortable With Chaos and Start Writing!

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About Our Guest

Leigh Shulman is a writer, who also helps other people get pass the fear and doubts of writing. She created an enormous amount of writer resources and runs a thriving workshop for writers from around the world. Recently, she conducted a Creative Revolution International Book Writing Retreats, where she invites others to travel with her and write some more.

We found each other through altMBA. After listening to my episode with Seth Godin, she reached out and we hit it off right away. Leigh’s journey from working 9-5 to finding the life she loves is so on point for the message we have for the podcast, which is to help independent creators live their creative and financial freedom.

Born in South Africa, Leigh moved to the United States with her parents at a young page. While working in New York City later as an adult, Leigh made a bold decision to move her family to Argentina. It’s been ten years as of the recording of our podcast.

This is a story for independent creative women who want to live life on their terms, while raising a family with young children.

This episode is for you if:

  • You are planning on writing your first book

  • You’ve always wanted to write but don’t know how or where to start

  • You are at a crossroad with your own creative endeavor, perhaps while balancing a family life

  • You are planning on or perhaps just moved to a brand new city, feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.

  • You are living in a foreign country for the first time

  • You are a freelancer or entrepreneur who’s planning on starting your first mastermind/workshop/retreat

By the way, I’m also working on my first book and I’m trying not get too emotionally attached! This book will be about and for immigrants, students and temporary workers living in America. Leigh helped me break down the writing process for me [starts at 30:00 of the show].

Leigh had a lot to share as an American who immigrated elsewhere. We had a very interesting discussion around the term immigrants vs. expats.

Learn more about Leigh Shulman:

Show Notes

  • [07:00]  What’s the difference between immigrant and expat?

  • [09:00] How old were you when you moved from South Africa to the US, and then to Argentina?

  • [10:00] How was your parenting experience in New York City?

  • [13:00] How did you manage to handle parenting with all your other activities and responsibilities?

  • [15:00] How would you describe your current career and business?

  • [17:00] Could you give us some sense about the things you were writing before, and how they compare to the ones you are writing now?

  • [21:00] What advice do you have for people who want to start writing now?

  • [30:00] Case study & consultation: Fei and Leigh talking about possible strategies for Fei’s book.

  • [37:00] What is your point of view on self-publishing vs. editorial publishing, particularly for beginners. What are some of the benefits of working with a publisher?

  • [41:00] How did you get to your current business and its shape/structure, with multiple revenue streams, etc. ? How did you navigate that path?

  • [45:00] What are some of the things you’ve learned along the way

  • [50:00] Can you tell us about your workshop and mastermind group? 

  • [51:00] Why do you think, and is it important for you, to share people’s stories (especially women)?


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