This week on How to Freelance: retirement options WITHOUT employers

It's Friday, woohoo! To be honest, Friday is just like any other day for a freelancer like me. The days and weeks go by much faster when you work from home and have a routine without too many interruptions. It mostly feels like a blessing, though I often question where the time goes.

If you ever wondered about freelancing, I have good news for you. About two months ago, I decided to put my heart and soul into creating a mini-series (in addition to regular interviews) on Feisworld Podcast called How to Freelance.

Thanks to your questions and feedback! While we call it the "freelance economy" these days, many still don't know where or how to start. Let's make this an open and safe environment for anyone to ask questions, which may be inspirations for future episodes.

I know this mini-series isn't for everyone but SO MANY people have asked me about freelancing. I regularly receive great questions in person, via emails and social channels. From managing your own health insurance, to setting a company (or not), to starting/continuing your retirement fund... but also how to find out what you can freelance for, how to get clients, etc., the list really goes on!

The good news is that you aren't alone. Even for experienced freelancers, people often have the same questions and struggles. I know I'm not the only person who can answer these questions but I want to help you in big and small ways, if possible. Plus many of you already know me in person, so my stories are even more relatable. Right? :)

These episodes are really short, between 10-20 mins each. I try to research diligently, speak clearly and still make it conversational and friendly. You can binge them all this weekend right here.

This week on How to Freelance:

One of the main reasons why I was able to start freelancing in January 2016 without worrying too much about making money right away was because of a retirement fund I started contributing to very early on in my career. If you don't have a 401k, or worry that freelancing will remove you further from retirement, think again! This week on Feisworld, I share all my learnings related to retirement options via this 18-min episode (No employers or HR needed, HA!)

Look forward to your questions and feedback!


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