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Melissa Smith: Virtual Assistant Matchmaker, Work From Anywhere


meet melissa smith

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“I just didn’t want to ask for permission to be with my family anymore. That was the strongest thing. Had it been ‘how am I going to make money, how am I going to support my family, what about health insurance’, if I put any of those things down on paper, I probably would have never ever done it.” – Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith is a Virtual Assistant Matchmaker, VA Trainer, Remote Work Consultant & Author featured in CareerBuilder, Spark Hire, The Muse, Thinkific, & Woman\’s World. I met her at Dorie Clark’s Writing Workshop in Boston.

After learning more about her business, I knew instantly that her knowledge will add tremendous value to our listeners on Feisworld Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome your fear (Melissa feared flying her whole life until…)

  • Deal with grief and the loss of loved ones

  • Reinventing your career and business

  • Build a business where you can work anytime, anywhere

What makes this episode even more exciting is that Melissa, like many of our guests on the Feisworld Podcast, isn’t so settled into only what she’s doing already. Instead, she continues to explore other areas and possibilities in her life.

Life isn’t always as trivial as it seems on the outside. As a successful entrepreneur, Melissa has been a single mom for years. She talks about building her business while reconnecting with her children after her husband’s sudden passing.

To learn more about Melissa, visit her website, and connect with her via LinkedIn.

BONUS: Melissa Smith’s newly revised and expanded of Hire the Right Virtual Assistant will be live on Amazon beginning March 17, 2019. She’s excited to have created an Interactive Hiring Workbook to go with it.

Show Notes

  • [05:00] Can you share your experience about your travels? How did you start traveling?

  • [08:00] How many years ago did you experience the transition from not liking flying to be an enthusiast?

  • [09:00] What were some of the emotions you felt when you were afraid of flying?

  • [14:00] How long has it been since you’ve been transitioning in and out of different careers?

  • [16:00] What is your current business? Can you describe it in a few words?

  • [20:00] You didn’t wait to leave your current job and start your own business. So many people are in the same situation and don’t dare to do that. What was your attitude, what was going through your head at that time?

  • [22:00] What was difficult for you, some of the challenges you had (emotionally, financially, etc.) when starting your business?

  • [24:00] What is your ideal client, avatar? How did you come up with that?

  • [26:00] Are your clients generally based in the US?

  • [28:00] How do you complete the matchmaking? What are some of the personality traits that you asses?

  • [33:00] How did you overcome losing your husband to suicide? What would you recommend to other people in the same situation?


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