Ed Gregory: Popular YouTuber, Photographer, ex-Blue Man

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About Our Guest

Ed Gregory, founder of Photos in Color on YouTube, is a master photographer in Lightroom, Photoshop and photography tutorials. Ed is the second successful YouTube we’ve interviewed on the show (first guest was Bob from FlavCity).

With nearly 300K subscriber on Youtube, over 15 million page viewers, Ed is quite a celebrity among the people who follow his work. (A side note on how YouTubers make money: it actually has nothing to do with the number of subscribers but individual video viewership and how much of the ad someone watches. In addition, many YouTubers get paid through sponsorships and collaborations, which he will speak to as well as part of this episode!)

“I can't sit still. I can't not create. I can't not get things done.”

"Ed also runs PhotosInColor.com is a place for creative photographers, videographers and artists to come and be inspired.

His work needs little introduction, but what brought us together is Dan Cooper (my producer on the Feisworld Docuseries) and Ed’s innate ability in all things creative. Ed worked with us as the Director for the docuseries, in addition to a number of other video production engagements for Feisworld clients.

Originally from the UK, this is another successful immigrant story. Ed now lives and works from Las Vegas. He runs a beautiful, state of the art studio that is not only the home base to his popular YouTube videos, but also the destination for some serious clients of his own from photography and video production.

“I want 100% of the risk to be on my shoulders.”

The way Ed works with his clients is mesmerizing. He has a unique ability to make people feel comfortable very quickly. He told me that he starts every project with a cup of coffee or tea, and sit with the clients before the camera is turned on.

Thanks to Ed’s humor and styles as a director, I went from feeling self conscious as an on-screen talent for Feisworld Docuseries to being completely at ease. Plus I knew with Ed’s camera skills, he’ll make sure my guests and I are looking our best on camera, despite a few hours of sleep every night over the course of two weeks.

Beside Ed’s clear expertise in videography and photography, he was a serious dancer in ballet for the first 20 years of his life. He spoke to his learnings, teachers and some painful memories as a young dancer. He also worked as a Blue Man in Blue Man Group before starting his own business for Photos in Colors.

“Write it down, create a plan and just deliver it non stop. That's really what I've learned is done is better than perfect.”


Show Notes

Feisworld Docuseries Trailer - Directed by Ed Gregory & Dan Cooper

  • [05:00] You are excited about and for everything, is that true?

  • [06:00] Have you always had the same personality?

  • [09:00] You studied Ballet at a time where it wasn’t very common for boys. What that the case in the UK and what was your experience in that regard?

  • [13:00] How old were you when you stopped dancing Ballet? What kept you there for so many years?

  • [15:00] What were some of the main challenges you had and how did you overcome them?

  • [17:00] What happened after you left dance class, and how did that lead you to become a Blue Man, YouTuber, etc

  • [26:00] How is it like to be a Blue Man? What is so special about the show? How is the experience to be surrounded by such a diverse group of people?

  • [29:00] You are generally very warm and you make people feel very comfortable. Did your past experience with Ballet and Blue Man Group have to do with that?

  • [31:00] How did the YouTube channel start? What was your intention behind it?

  • [36:00] Who taught you photography?

  • [37:00] How many times did you bounce around until you found your niche with Lightroom?

  • [39:00] How do you come up with your product categories and names?

  • [40:00] Who is your avatar, primary audience, ideal client?

  • [42:00] What would you have done sooner, in your experience? What would be your advice to other YouTubers?

  • [44:00] What is an example of a Hero Content?

  • [46:00] How do you balance the amount of time/effort you spend on hero content vs main content?

  • [48:00] If people want to find you, how do they do that?

Favorite Quotes

I believe there's something in me that means that I can't sit still. I can't not create. I can't not get things done.

I was like, I don't want to be signed. I want to do it myself. Because if I'm signed, then I'll relax and I'll hopefully be successful. instead. I want 100% of the risk to be on my shoulders.

You have to learn the technique of things that comes from doing ballet, as a child, counterpoint, how to do an arabesque. You learn to play so that when you're performing, you can tell a story. As a Blue Man, I had to learn the technique of how to be a blue man. So when I walk on stage, I forget all of that. And I just get on with like interacting with each other.

Hero content takes just a lot of brainpower because you don't think about what you're doing. You think about how it's going to affect the audience. You've got to come at it from the opposite direction.

Write it down, create a plan and just deliver it non stop. That's really what I've learned is done is better than perfect. You've got to be doing constantly and focus more than anything on interaction with human beings.