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Nnhs Design and Visual Communications Website Exploration

Sam Schwamm and I conducted a workshop at Newton North High School (NNHS) on October 18th, 2016. This is an open forum for participating students to connect and ask questions.


  • Introduction (5 mins)
  • What is User Experience (UX) and why is it important? (G) – 10 mins
  • Who are the “users” for http://nnhsinventeam.com/ (G) – 5 mins
  • Users vs. Designers – 2 mins
  • User Research Breakouts (BO: 2-4 groups)

Part 1: Design Team Get to Know Your Users – 5 mins

Part 2: Pretend Users Answer Designers’ questions – 5 mins

  • Roles: Facilitator & Note Taker stays, Participants move from one group to the other

    • In 5 mins, answer as many questions as you can. (Are there questions designers forgot to ask? Write them down, in a different color)

Part 3: Briefing: Facilitator & Note Taker briefs his/her Design Team – 10 mins

  • Briefing – Questions we asked, answers we heard (Hey, some drawing, diagramming can be helpful too.)
  • Mini Research – What are the types of content, resources, answers our blog already offers? Where are the gaps? (Hint: The right content may already exist but is really hard to get to / difficult to find)

Part 4:Presentation: Pick One Person from Each Group to present key takeaways to the class – 5 mins each with a Q&A (15-20 mins total)

  • What did you learn as a user vs a designer? (G) 5 mins
  • BONUS: Mini Career Panel – Ask Sam (UX Designer, SapientNitro) and Fei (Founder, Podcaster at Feisworld Inc.) anything.
  • In 5 mins, write down as many questions as you can for the users? (i.e. as a designer, what do you need to know before design begins? What are the most important questions?)
  • Roles: Facilitator & Note Taker, Participants

Please reply directly to this post with questions for the topics we discussed in class.

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