7 reasons I moved all my online courses to Podia

7 Reasons I Moved All My Online Courses to Podia

You might already know there’s no perfect tool for hosting and selling your online courses- each has their own pros and cons. 

But after trying a number of different course sites (such as Thinkific, Kajabi, MemberVault, Teachable), Podia is my favorite course and marketing platform (and they have a forever-free version too). And I moved all my courses there.

Here’s why I like it so much:

1. Incredible Customer Service

You can talk to a REAL human being and sometimes even get an answer within 5 minutes. They really care about solving your problems, walk you through processes and sometimes record loom videos for you.

2. Email Marketing Is Included

I love that all the email marketing features are in the same place as the course, so that people (like you) who are receiving my emails can authentically discover my content and courses. I don’t need to tell you about my course, you will see from the logo that I’m writing from Feisworld Academy – and you can choose to find out more if you want to. With full transparency, Podia’s email marketing features are somewhat basic – no fancy templates or advanced segmentations, etc, but you’ll save those extra bucks by not having to pay for another email marketing service. If you have a small-ish audience like mine under 5K, Podia emails are solid.

3. No Video Content for Your Course? No Problem!

You know I love videos, and most of my courses have videos as teaching materials, but it’s not a requirement for Podia. In fact, you can use all sorts of content types such as text, PDFs, Google Docs / Spreadsheets / Slides too. The Google Drive integration is one of my favorites inside Podia. All you have to do is to include links to your Google files inside Podia, organize them in meaningful chapters/modules, and you have a course. This is exactly how I created the YouTuber Kit using entirely Google files. 

4. You Can Build a Community Inside Podia

Podia allows you to build a community easily based on topics and related courses. The community can be free or paid, standalone or combined with a course (or courses).  

5. Wanna Embed Your Podia Course on Your Website? It Is as Easy as Copy-Pasting the Link

Podia uses iframe to let you embed 1900+ tools into your website — without ever touching a line of code. All you have to do is paste a link from YouTube, Spotify, Airtable, Google Forms, Twitter, or hundreds of other systems, and the embed will be on your site when you hit publish.

6. Competitive Pricing Is Always a Plus

Hands down, one of the best prices in the industry for the features you get without compromising important features. This is always a plugs for creatorpreneurs and small businesses.

7. Podia Is Designed for Creators by Creators

It’s so easy to use and you can literally create a course in 5 minutes if you use their embed feature (you could add your existing YouTube videos).

Like what you’ve seen so far? Give Podia a try for free! 

What’s your favorite course platform and why? Hit reply and let me know!

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