ow to make $1k a month selling your digital products

How to Make $1K a Month Selling Your Digital Products

$1k might not sound impressive to you, but if you know how to sell your first $1k dollars you will know how to scale from there. 

Setting up the store is the easy part. You can choose a platform like Wix, SquareSpace, Shopify to help you in the process. Personally I’ve loved using SquareSpace since 2014, and launched over 40 client websites

But it’s the idea and execution and content that actually matters. Watch how I succeeded with selling my Zoom timers, and how you could do the same with your digital product. 

Video Transcription

I am really glad that you clicked on this video as opposed to a title that promised you more money in less time. Hey, it’s Faith. This channel is created for creators and entrepreneurs to reach their creative, financial and time freedom. We can make it on our own experiment fast and regularly with our own ideas. That’s precisely the point of this video. I’m going to walk you through behind the scenes deep analytics of how I sell one K. That’s $1,000 in digital product sales per month. Perhaps that’s not impressive at all to some of you or to creative entrepreneurs out there who make millions. But if you know how to sell your first $1000 product, you will know exactly how to scale from there. Digital products are great. I’m talking about ebooks or in this example, digital videos that you can sell directly using a platform such as Squarespace. What’s so great about digital products is that you have full creative control and there’s no vendor fee, no shipping or handling. That’s right. I’m going to walk you through my Zoom timers, which I have been marketing promoting on my YouTube channel, my social media, and that has generated over $1,000 each month and then some.

Pays is much more than that. I’m going to show you my analytics, including my revenue for the past eight months. I will not show you click by click how to set up your commerce store. The reason is you can choose from a variety of options, including, but not limited to square space wix of their shopify as well. And all these platforms and brands have infinite amount of tutorials for you. They’re meant for you to set up these shops very easily. But it’s the idea and the execution and content that actually matters. I also think on top of that, customer service is also important, such that I provide refunds if my customers are not satisfied with a product. If you’re already a YouTuber, you must take advantage of your YouTube channel, no matter how small, and drive sales to your digital products. If you don’t have a YouTube channel or you’ve reached a plateau, growing your audience, your views, well, good news is today’s video is sponsored by YouTuber Kit. It is designed and developed by us here at Face World over the course of two very hardworking months. And this toolkit, not a course, will give you all the tools and a playbook to do exactly that.

The good news is, as you’re watching this, it’s 50% off. But it won’t last long if you don’t know what it’s all about. And on top of that, you get the entire startup kit for free. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the detailed analytics and how exactly I make $1,000 in digital products a month.

One of the products I sell as a result of YouTube and Zoom is called the Zoom Virtual timers. As you can see, you can access them through the top navigation right here on this page I have broken down what the product is. Right at the top I have a zoom promo video showing people how to use it and of course what it is. And to the right hand side I tend to give my customers ways to understand whether this is right for them or not and what makes this product unique, such as ready to use, no editing needed. In addition, I show them screenshots even before they download the product, so they know exactly how it looks. In addition, I provide them with any of the technical details that they need. For example, not sure if their computers or laptops have their right requirements. This is a third party Ie zoom virtual background requirements. But also there is a dummy’s get started guide. If people have never installed virtual videos before with virtual backgrounds in the past, I do have a separate video to show them how to get it done. Then I think about my customers.

Who are they? At the beginning there were a lot of fitness instructors and people in academia. But very slowly, gradually I realized that there were a lot of business folks, a lot of real estate people and even lawyers. So I created these bundles and I organized them based on popularity, but on a regular basis. I also survey my customers to make sure that I continue to deliver and give them what they need. I want to find a way for them to most easily find the products they need. For example, organizing the timers based on the sending order, based on duration. And as time goes by, there are folks who also want to get other types of timers, such as the one for Pomodora and timers with different color backgrounds. I would say these are less popular products. Nevertheless, people who want them will try to purchase them. Now let me take you behind the scenes to look at the analytics. I launched the product at the very end of August. I did not see any sales coming in until the beginning of September 2020. So let me go ahead and show you what my profit was last year in 2020, which this means from the month of September.

As you can see, in September I earned $280 and it continued to grow. October 855 November seems to be the highest $1,200. And back to December, everything back in December, including my YouTube views, everything came down and I realized later on that I wasn’t the only content creator experiencing that. And down here you can see as of 2020 the breakdown of where people are purchasing these timers. So the majority are purchasing through desktop, some small amount of folks purchased from mobile and very few of them purchased from tablets on top of revenue sources, as you can see. Where do the traffic come from guys? YouTube. YouTube. YouTube. Then their direct message as well as Google. Now Google is a really interesting resource because you’ll see that this category here is growing later on in 2021. And what’s also really interesting about Squarespace is that it gives you the breakdown based on products. So this is very important. If I hover over, you’ll see that the most popular products is the black background timer, one to five minutes. So this is a bundle followed by the white background, one to five minutes. Now let’s take a look at this year.

Year to date, actually it’s about the same as last year. And let’s take a look in January 1184, February 1269 and in March 1084. And the past month was 830. So as of May right now, it’s the very beginning of May, only $12. Let’s see if the numbers are changing. You can see that Google really is catching up in terms of a revenue source. There’s also a lot of direct traffic, which I find really interesting. And there are other browser that are already picking up this news, which I really love. And desktop again is always in the leading because a lot of the people, especially hosts, would choose to purchase these products right from desktop. My website is Mobile Optimized, but you can tell that people want to kind of click in and really see more clearly. Let’s take a look at the products, most popular products in 2021. Still it is. Again, the winner goes to the black background timer, one to five minutes, followed by the white background, one to five minutes. Large timers. So these are large timers that will be best used if there’s nobody actually in the video itself. So a lot of people really like that.

I created a new white background timer as well with the little black label removed. And you see, when you create new products, it will generate more sales if that’s what people want. And how do you know what people want is that they will actually tell you. I get a ton of emails and I respond to all of them. And also, by the way, now we’re here. Good customer service is really important. If people misunderstood the product, if they don’t know how to use it, or their machine is not really up to the requirements of a zoom virtual video background timer, then I always provide refunds within the first 24 to 48 hours. They’re further breakdown from within squarespace. That can be very helpful for ecommerce sellers like myself. So you have different graphs and unique visitors year over year, page views. And one thing I learned, guys, is that you cannot give up on these things too early. Because what I notice is that these purchase is actually less than 1%. So those of you who are looking at your website and think, oh, hundreds of people have visited my website, how come I still haven’t made any purchase?

Or not enough purchases will think again. So here’s traffic and here’s geography. This is not going to surprise me because I literally have seen purchases from all over the world. Countries I can’t even name. At the top, you can see that the top people are United States, UK, Canada, Germany. I’m not surprised because these are also my top viewers on the YouTube channel. But there are other folks as well. Look at this. If I keep scrolling, you’ll notice there are some odd 60, 70 countries or so. And here’s my complete breakdown by product. So here I can dive in a lot more. So here I can see every single product that I have sold and it’s actually organized by revenue generated per product. I got to say, based on how little time it took for me to create these products. Again, your products do not have to be sophisticated or complicated. Purchase funnels. Look at this. This is what I was talking about. The number of visits, 54,000. Down to viewed products, down to the people who actually added to cart, and down to people who actually made a purchase. So right here you can’t even see this little number here.

So it’s less than 1% of people. It is less than 2% of the people who visited the website and actually viewed this product. And 55% of the people added to cart, which that is really encouraging. And 73% of the people who added to the cart, not the original number, who ended up purchasing. So that is really, really high conversion for me. Again, I think because of the tutorials, because of the demo videos that I did on YouTube. What is so amazing about YouTube as a channel is that people are so geared and conditioned to learn while they’re on that platform. Within Squarespace, there’s a really interesting premium feature that allows customers to send customers an email reminder about their cart. If they basically abandoned a cart with products in it, you can email them. However, personally I have since then disabled this feature because it hasn’t really done anything for us. There are very strict rules around when you can actually email these customers again. So Squarespace cannot just keep reminding them. We’re reminding them at any chosen time for you as a seller. So here’s an entire breakdown of traffic sources. If you guys are really into Google Analytics, you can certainly do that as well.

But for me, I realize that just Squarespace gives me a really detailed breakdown, which is very positive because this way, without having to leave the browser or open up a new tab, I can look at everything just in one place. So search is a really big deal. We talked about Google at the top, bing coming in second. Social media. If we look at search versus Direct and look at social, social is not insignificant. And here you can look at conversion rate. When we talk about social media. Let’s dive in in a second right here. That there is YouTube counts as part of social. Look at this square space actually helps you track not just YouTube, but also LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, you name it, right? All these major social media platforms, yet YouTube is at the very top for me, and it shows you the videos that people have watched and then converted as a result. So I got to say, I’m really pleased with this number because look at YouTube has the highest guys, YouTube has the highest conversion rate compared to direct traffic and compared to certainly Search. Search has the volume, but the conversion rate isn’t always the highest.

Here. I have very little referral in terms of traffic. I have phase world. Wow. I have forward link. This is part of l ten BA. Let’s take a look at Search keywords. In order to see Search keywords, you do have to connect to Google. It’s very easy to do within squarespace. It takes a second here as you’re reconnecting, but once you do, you actually don’t lose the data that comes from prior. I’m really impressed by the impressions. So what this means, guys, is as I am searching on Google, so if I’m on Google and I search for Zoom Timers, you will see that I’m one of the first videos. And not only that, not only that, my videos are actually very different compared to the other people. And it’s not about how to help you design one. It’s about ready to use for you to download right away. So that is very important. Your ranking on Google is important. This part is really important because not only that, it informs you of how people found you. And if you want to create similar content moving forward, you might want to repeat some of the keywords in your future videos, in your future blog posts, et cetera.

Very cool. All right, that’s it, guys. And I hope this is helpful. This is a very detailed walkthrough of behind the scenes at Face World, and I really want to just create this type of very transparent videos for people to see how creators are making it. I don’t think I’ve made it yet, frankly. I’m not trying to talk down on the things that I’ve done. I’m really proud of this Zoom Timers journey. And my goal this year in 2021 and into the future are creating multiples of products, testing, fail more, fail early on, and find my gym and find the products that are really going to help my people, content creators like yourself. And that would be my goal. Create passive income, creating multiple products. And I want to be able to do that again to show you guys that this can’t be done. I can’t wait to see in a future video. Take care. Bye.

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