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Podintelligence: Work Fewer Hours and Create Better Content

As a podcast host, I noticed that speakers and coaches often show up to our interviews feeling tired and overwhelmed.

You hop from one interview to another and often don’t have time to look back at the conversation and use that content in meaningful ways. Sometimes you even forget what you said. 

So I asked myself how I could help. 

I wanted to help coaches, advisors and knowledge experts to feel elevated and purposeful about their interview appearances. And I wished they could make good use of our conversation in their own content marketing strategy, so they could also benefit long term and reach their target audience. 

That’s why I created the “Breakthrough Micro Content” (BMC) consulting service for coaches, advisors and experts as part of our AI-powered software, PodIntelligence.

I found a way that allows you to work fewer hours AND get better content that reaches more of the right audience for your coaching and advisory programs.

With our AI powered software PodIntelligence, we can turn your one-hour interviews and speech into dozens of ready-to-use micro content that you can share on social media. You can purchase PodIntelligence alone for us to process your favorite podcast appearances with ready-to-use word-cloud, keyword summary, audio and video clips. 

Or you can choose to work with me as part of “Breakthrough Micro Content” to record a strategized, curated and highly purposeful interview to grow your business. 

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