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Sarah Cooper Everything is Fine Netflix Swag Unboxing & Her Origin Story

In this video, I\’m going to show you the exclusive, limited edition of Sarah Cooper\’s Netflix special Everything Is Fine\’s swag!


Special thanks to my producer Adam Leffert for letting me borrow his swag box. Adam is a full-stack .net C# developer.


Special offer – watch Feisworld Documentary FREE on Vimeo anywhere in the world (including Sarah Cooper\’s origin story you wish you knew in Episode 2: Crossing Borders).


Listen to my conversation with Sarah Cooper from 2016.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 02:23 Unboxing

  • 03:53 Who is Sarah Cooper (crash course)

  • 04:38 Sarah Cooper in my documentary called Feisworld on #AmazonPrime

  • 05:33 The notion is success and how it relates to your work  



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