Sheena Yap Chan: Where Can Confidence Take You?

Sheena Yap Chan is the founder & host of The Tao Of Self Confidencea 15 - 30 minutes daily show packed with ways to build up your self confidence in many areas of your life. Sheena believes that Self confidence is the most important trait to have in every aspect of your life, yet so many people struggle to find it. After launching her own podcast project just a little over a year ago (first episode released on August 28th, 2015), Sheena welcomed a community of women as guests and listeners who are loyal followers for the Tao of Confidence.

How did I meet Sheena? In April 2016, she discovered me on Facebook and invited  to the Tao of Confidence, Episode 164: Build Self Confidence Through Podcasting With Fei Wu. My favorite moment was when Sheena turned off recording and we leaned into a conversation like two best friends.

Self confidence was also an issue Sheena had to deal with in her own life.  Coming from a traditional Asian family, she remembers being told to never make a noise, always be a good girl by following the rules.  Sheena's desire to break away from the life she was living grew strong, then desperate after a family tragedy.

We often say that we should live everyday as if were your last. But many people won't take action until much later in their lives.  If you are listening to this episode, I hope you take ten minutes, write down what you'd like to do and start doing. The rule of 10 minutes a day never fails. Anyone can commit 10 mins (or even 5 mins). That's how I started Feisworld.

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Show Notes:

  • [06:00] How was to start your podcast? How do you feel about such journey and being able to connect with so many women.

  • [07:30] How was it like to grew as an asian kid in the US?

  • [10:30] Can you tell us a little bit more of your transition from a 9-5 job to full time podcaster?

  • [13:30] How was your upbringing? Can you share some details about your childhood?

  • [16:30] How did you feel about having to move back to the Philippines for three years and then back again to the US? How was that experience?

  • [18:00] What type of businesses your parents had in the Philippines and how was, for them, the transition to working in the US?

  • [20:00] What were some of your biggest dreams and wishes when you were a child?

  • [23:00] Can you tell us a bit of the behind the scenesof The Tao of Self Confidence? How does it work and how you organize it?

  • [24:00] How do you find your guests, considering that you need to find a lot of women for a daily show?

  • [26:00] How do you organize your day?

  • [28:00] How do you engage your fans?

  • [30:00] How is the podcast funded and sustained?

  • [31:00] If you were a beginner, where would you start? Do you provide any resources for them?

  • [33:00] How long has it been since you were able to monetize the services you provide together with your podcast?

  • [37:00] What are some of the daily challenges that you have experienced?

  • [40:00] What’s your reaction to feedback?

  • [41:30] How are new listeners finding you?

Favorite Quotes:

  • [08:00] ‘That’s just someone thought process, it is not how you are supposed to live, you live how you want you. [...] Some things I never thought were possible, gives me hope, gives more people out there hope. Literally everything is possible.

  • [11:00] I just knew there was something more out there

  • [12:00] “When I realized that life is so short we never know what’s gonna happen to us, we can be gone in an instant, at least I wanna be able to look back and say ‘I lived an amazing life’”

  • [18:00] I think people forget that, because they are too busy chasing other things, like money or status

  • [24:00] When you have a big purpose you are willing to do anything, and when you speak your purpose, more people are drawn to it

  • [37:00] I believe confidence is just a key to everything… to be successful… to live your life… it has to take courage.

  • [38:00] We live in a world where we feel there’s only one way of doing things, not realizing there are so many more ways out there [...] and failure is a part of the process.

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