Exclusive Interview With Tharyk: How to Grow as a Singer Songwriter

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Our Guest Today: Tharyk

​ Tharyk is an Argentine-Swedish singer and songwriter.

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In 2021 their singles “Amor Sin Escalas” and “Enamorao” reached a million streams in less than three weeks, both mixed by Luca Pretolesi at StudioDMI (J Balvin, Becky G, Daddy Yankee) taking their sound and identity to the next level.

He began his career in theater and musical comedy since he was a child and in 2015 he released his first solo album, “Mi Destino”, together with the Swedish production company ginTONIC Records.

During the years 2016-2019, Tharyk launched successful collaborations with artists such as Camy G , VI-EM, Damy Rojo, Carla Dogliani, Puli Moreno , KALUMA, among others, which took him to festivals such as Coca-Cola FlowFest, Lollapalooza and SummerBurst .

Questions we covered in this interview:

  1. What were you doing before starting your music career?
  2. What made you realize you want to, and need to become a singer?
  3. What was your first song, and what inspired you to write it?
  4. Who were/are the singers you look up to, and inspired you?
  5. You are popular on Spotify, have half a million fans on TikTok, you constantly stream on Facebook, and have fans on Instagram. Which platform did you start with?
  6. Which platform do you like best? Or do you believe they each a different purpose?
  7. What are most excited about your music career to date?
  8. Can you talk about collaborations, and why they are important? Examples?
  9. What do you look for when it comes to working with record labels?
  10. What’s your next song about?
  11. How do you build a community?
  12. What’s easy/hard about being a musician and creator?

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How to grow as a singer songwriter #spotify #socialmedia – exclusive interview with @Tharyk – powered by Happy Scribe

Hi there, YouTube.

This is the second time for me to film outside, and this time around, you can see behind me that this is my swimming pool. I literally just went swimming for about an hour and a half. Feeling refreshed, just took a shower. And I want to record an opening for this very special interview. So, as you guys can see on my YouTube channel, lately I’ve been sharing a lot of internal videos with my producer, her mom, for instance. And soon next week after this video, I’m going to be sharing an incredible conversation with my content manager, Anna, as well. But today, I’m introducing you guys to an incredible artist creator named Tarik. So I’ve been following Terik’s work since 2016, when I first started working with my producer, Herman, who is also the producer and the company behind Terrak’s Music. And the record company is called Gentonic. Since then, it’s been five, six years in the making, and Terrak has traveled around the world, really has been able to grow his brand to I’m going to list a bunch of numbers. 180,000 followers on Facebook, over half a million on TikTok, 500 or more on Instagram.

But it’s not just about all these vanity metrics. The point that this interview is actually in both languages, english and Spanish, and I get to speak a little bit Spanish in the end as well, but my Spanish is nowhere near proficient. So this is an incredible conversation I get to share with Tarek, my dear friend, and someone I witnessed to grow over the years. And this is an opportunity for his fans to realize that part of the journey is really about not just hard work, but also that determination, knowing what his destiny is, and just keep improving upon his work. So if you like this type of content, be sure to hit the subscribe button. And thank you so much for your feedback, for your love, and I hope to bring more content like this forward. And I’ll see you at the end of the video.


Oh, my God. Don’t make me laugh. Don’t make me laugh. We have to focus on this interview, okay?

Yeah, absolutely. I’m just thinking, how come your setup looks so much better, more professional than me? That’s totally not fair.

No, this is not true. You look so well. Really? You look so well. Hi. Say, I’m so nervous because this is my first interview in English, right? You have to be passive. I don’t know how my pronunciation is now. Try to be nice with me, okay?

Oh, my God, Terry, you’re incredible. I mean, we met for the first time, I think, 2017, 2018. And I have to say, your English back then, just four years ago, until now, is just incredible. I have trouble understanding you.

I should say that is because you are my friend. Okay. I know it’s not too bad, my English, but sometimes for an interview, you need a vocabulary. I don’t know if I have that vocabulary. Now we will figure out now we will figure out if my vocabulary is enough or not.

We’ll figure it out. And please, I welcome you to speak English, Spanish as needed, whatever feels most comfortable. I welcome people to ask questions. And by the way, for people who are watching here hopping on. Thank you so much. I know it’s on a Monday evening, wherever you are. And we’re here to go through some rapid fire questions with Tarek.

Okay, sorry. I’m so happy for this interview, for this opportunity. I want to say thank you and hello to everyone is connecting. Okay, I will say just a little in Spanish for visa. In English. Go ahead. I said exactly the same that I told you.

Fantastic. Thank you for the translation.

No, please, it’s too much for me.

Oh, I’m a fan. I’m a friend. I’m a fan of Terik. And I think I really want to take this opportunity to ask you questions in English. Please translate into Spanish as needed. A lot of people don’t know your origin stories, and I’m here to tease that out, which is let’s start with the first question. You are a singer songwriter now. You travel in the US. Worldwide, making deals. You’re in spotify. I’m listening to you on Spotify. But have you always been the singer? What were you doing before you became a singer?

Okay, I think I wear a lot of things. Okay. I work at a lot in different things. Laborakes. I start with this career when I was teenager. I work in different TV shows when I was a teenager. Adolescente, always. Sometimes when you’re a teenager, you have to decide which career you want to take. Will you follow? It’s hard to you because sometimes you have to focus in, okay, I have to do something for my economy, establish the economy. You follow a typical career that the people say like a lawyer, like economy, like doctor. But sometimes that is not that you want society push you to do it. The CV. Sometimes people think if you don’t follow that kind of a typical career, you are not professional. But the people have to understand you are professional in whatever you want to do. When you try to be better and better. If you are a gardener, that doesn’t mean if you don’t study for that, you are not professional. That doesn’t mean because when you say I’m a singer, the people say, oh, he didn’t follow a career, a real career. No, because I left my family.

I live in different places trying to find my wishes, what I want. I think that is not a career, real career. What does it mean? Because if you’re trying to be better and better at something, that doesn’t mean you are professional. But I studied a lot. I started with a lawyer, but I decided that was not me, real me, but you know, the first thing I tried to be a doctor, but I saw the book.

A lot of people don’t know that you’re trying to even consider becoming a doctor. Where you even considered a career as a lawyer. Where do most of your fans and followers already know that?

I think I can never say it. I think I never say nothing about that. Sometimes a little people say I try to be a lawyer. It’s hard because sometimes when I make a life, I try to speak about my new music. I try to connect with the people, you know, I try to do everything that they can. See more about my art. I think you can know how it’s my life. A lot of things about me, I say, okay, when you’re my friend, you can know more. That kind of thing. For me, they are important. But I like to share with my about music, about funny things. You know what I mean?

Yeah, no, that’s incredible. But I was just curious because there’s so many singers already. There are a lot of people say I shouldn’t blog or be in a certain career. In this case, I shouldn’t be a singer trying to compete with so many other singers and creators on Spotify. They’re already famous. What made you decide that this is a career path for you knowing that’s so challenging and difficult and many people have failed?

Oh my God. It’s a good question. I was thinking when I decided to be a singer and say okay, I can be because I could be a happiness, you know, doing other things. But I really want to be happy in my life. Maybe I will be poor, maybe we yourself, poverty, maybe, I don’t know. But I will be happy, you know, because sometimes it’s hard my career, you know, try to the people come to your music more when you are artist that you don’t have a company behind you. Then they can push you faster than if you do the thing for yourself. I have a huge team, you know. They work very hard. But sometimes that is not enough to be in. How to stay in this in English another level, like a company, you know?

Yeah. It’s very challenging. And now you are your own boss. You have to make all this no.

You know that is fake boss. No, we work with other we are a team. You work with Herman too. And when you decided to work with a team, you don’t take all the decisions. Because sometimes when someone try to give you a new idea, you have to take it because they are thinking, they are watching the things from the other side that you couldn’t see it. That is important too. The singers, me, I don’t decide everything. For me, you know, it’s important that your mind to be open to receive other areas.

Love it.

Love it.

So you asked me a question earlier, as you know, I’m a podcaster. You asked me who inspired you at the beginning. So I’m going to throw that question back at you, Tarek. Who inspired you? Whose music?

I love singers. I think they’re more Latin singers. Because I’m Latin know? I think one of the best ones for me is Enriched Glacia or Shakira J. Balvin. I think they’re one of the best. On my mind when I try to say when someone asked me, how you figure out which kind of art you like? Is this kind of the art? Because jacket they were popular. They are popular. They will be popular because they work hard. They can be popular in whatever time of their life that is important for the artist. Because sometimes some artists, they are popular in a moment, but they cannot continue being popular because they have to work very hard. You have to think this. You cannot do the same things all the time. You have to change because the life change. If you want to have more fun or if you want the people like your new songs, your song has to be like the new song because that is how the world works. Exactly. With our mind. You cannot think like how you thought 20 years ago. No, you have to think now. You have to be open to know it happened exactly the same with the music.

So your music has changed a lot. I think there are a lot of variety based on I’ve known your music for four, five, six years and I noticed that pace changes. There have been a lot of collaborations with other singers and I wonder how do you inspire yourself to change, to stay contemporary, to be true to yourself?

Yeah, okay. A lot of things. And in principle, pop. In the beginning I started to sing pop and rock and roll for Argentina, rock and roll. But when I’m growing up, I discovered new kind of the music because the raton is a new style or kind of the music, whatever you want to say. But when I discover this, I just say, okay, now if I like that new style that is coming, I think it’s a very hard war because you have to think other style, but you have to continue being you, you know what I mean? That is important for other reasons. I think in the beginning I start with the rock and roll and pop and now I am more pop and pop latino and begaton that I love that because I am very Latin and I am so happy to do this kind of the music that the people enjoy. I don’t know if maybe in the future starting to listen EDM, if I have to do it, I will say because I love the music, I think that is the more important.

Yeah, I mean, I’m seeing a lot of comments, right. People don’t know who I am, but there’s a lot of I love you. Kerrick.

Yes. Sorry. We say this is just a little Spanish for my followers, please. She is asking I am not important. People that she interviewed. She interviewed. I’m very fond of huge people, but now it’s my turn here in the United States.

I’m so flattered. But you have grown so tremendously tarek. I’m so proud of you. In the past week, we spent a lot of time together, and I started to notice that you truly have a community, that people love you as the Messages. And as well as we recently saw a compilation of fan music videos, people holding up signs of the messages using your lyrics, and also there was a tattoo of somebody’s skin. Why do you think people are able to connect with your music? Is that the effect? How are you able to create that?


because this is very sensitive for me. I will try to say this in English, but, you know, the singer, if you want to be a singer, is hard. The way you have to work a lot more if you don’t have a huge company behind you. And when you are sad or when you are working hard, you don’t see the goal. And your fans or the people, they listen your music. They do. This is kind of the thing that makes you feel better. That is when you say, okay, all the work that I did, that’s worth it. Because someone listens, someone love my music, someone can feel, you know, in their feelings. My music, when it happens that it’s more important for the singers, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a huge company behind because this way worth it. Do you know what I mean? Because when someone do that, like a data tool or that video, or they are waiting for a new song that is very dead.

Really? Yeah. That’s incredible. So you’re on a lot of platforms, Derek. As you know, as part of my business, I love talking to creators as well as working with them, working for them to celebrate their work. And I have the pleasure of working with Herman. We’re kind of in this. Like, there’s so much synergy seeing you have appeared on so many platforms and we really haven’t talked about this. You’re on Spotify, you’re on Instagram, you’re on Tik tok for people who don’t know the numbers. I just saw you have 180,000 followers on Facebook, over half a million on TikTok, and a lot of people in general on Instagram. So how are you looking at these platforms? Like, are you trying to grow? Were you trying to grow them and find all the fans all at once? Or do you see different platforms having different purposes?

Yeah, of course, different platform has different purpose. But you have to be in all of them, you know, and you have to do the difference between followers and funeral followers. You have to make a community you have to make a family. You know, you have to make a fun. Because you have fun and followers. It’s very important for your career. Make fun. Make that people that will support you in every step that you will do.

For the reason you can have millions of followers in different forms. But the more important that you have to work is try to make fun.

How could you tell the difference?

The difference is this one. Sometimes the people, they are waiting for you. Because for these people you look nice or they like how you look, you know? And they are waiting for you a sexy portal or they are waiting something superficial, I say, you know what I mean? But the people superficial. When the people is my family, when the people is part of my family, they know how I am. They can know how is the sound of my voice. They can when I post something that I don’t like. They know everything about my music. They are waiting for my new music. They know when I’m sick.

Understand? This is where I come in. What are you most excited about your music career to date? There are a lot of collaboration. There is a lot going on.

Okay. I think I did a lot of collaborations. That is very nice. Because you can catch other people new fan, new followers, whatever. But I think for the singers, when you are a new singer or you don’t have a million string like pupil singers, you need to make collaborations. Try to be in the front of the other people that they don’t see you. That is very nice. I think in the last year I saw a lot songs but for myself I didn’t have a lot collaborations. But I think in this future we are trying to fix this and we are not fix it. We are trying to organize new collaboration. It’s very important for the singer. Because one song when someone sing with you, this song is not the same. If you sing this song along, you know it’s very important because the other person they will add something special from them.

Absolutely. This is so incredible because I feel like in a way this is also a collaboration that we get to talk to each other on each other’s channels. Are you working on what’s the next project you’re working on?

Oh my God. Okay. I called an infection on project. Okay. My next project I had Korea a couple of months ago. That was so hard because I couldn’t sing for the last four months. But we have a new song to release the next week. We are so happy. It’s a soft song. But we have a huge plan. Because when I catch you we have to make a new plan. We have to push everything to the more health. Because we have to decide what we will do. Because we couldn’t think anything for the reason now we are trying to make a new plan. But the next week we will have a new song. But I will say this always I’m working for new and new songs. You know, it’s like you pay. We cannot stop. We are finishing something. But we started before to finish something. We started with other things. Never stop it.

I know it was for somebody that’s coming.

Okay. But we are working for the next 20 song that we have.

A 20 song?

20 song we have. Yeah. We are working now. Okay. I will say this in Spanish. In English. We are going to ascend because we are going there to shoot a new video. We are so happy. This video was that will be incredible. I don’t know when we relive because.

Our producers.

The same person. The same person.

The same person who’s making this happen.

Yeah. I heard it’s going up and down. Going up. It’s running. Because just like I connected studio. If I saw another studio, I think you have two floor.

Right now.

He’s going up and down. Oh, my God. I heard him, you know, I heard him from the stair.

You should show up in both our videos.

Yeah. Fans. Exactly.

Oh, my God. He’s going to show up in the moment. I love what we’re driving the other day and you started humming. You started singing in the back. I didn’t know what was going on. But you were remembering were like inspired by a tune and you started recording on your cell phone. Is that right?

Oh, my God. I didn’t know this. Is that you? Listen to me, madam.

What does it say? It I was trying to read it. What is Herman low on my.

Teleporting now for your place?

I would like snap our fingers.

Yeah, listen. Okay. Yeah. I didn’t notice that you was listening to me when I was recording that. This is true. When I have a new memory, when I have something. Sometimes I didn’t finish a new song. My mind started to continue thinking about that song. Sometimes I am in a bill in the car. We are going into the car. Nowhere but we are going in the car and I say, oh, I have the new melody and I catch my cell phone.

It’s beautiful.

Yeah, but let me know if that happened. I think that happened with you too. You know what I mean? When you have a new idea, sometimes you are in the car. Sometimes the supermarket buy stuff, things. I have an idea. You have to write it or you have to put it in some place to don’t forget.

Absolutely. Otherwise you do forget. Sometimes I have like middle night I have to get up and actually write it down in notes. So I love this and I know that you guys are going to be traveling again tomorrow very soon and I still look forward to your new music video because I know, the fashion, all the work that went into the work, all your families and friends and fans, all the influences to create a next big project. So first of all, you know, best of luck and it’s just absolutely incredible to witness from where I’m standing. And so I absolutely look forward to it when the song comes out. I cannot wait to share it on face world as I have been sharing a lot of your songs, your projects with face world media audience. But now I feel like we finally waited all these years to have this conversation. Yeah, that’s true.

That’s true. Thank you. Really. I think every project that I did or when we decided to take a decision about a new project you are in that Hermann speak about a lot with you. But I know I think herman is the producer, but I think Herman loves more you than me because always the people who know that, the people who know that when I am making a video, when I am live stream, come on always, always say something and say chat, don’t say that you always like it, but come on doesn’t do that with you. That is because he loves you more than me.

So cute. You guys have such a such good energy together. I have witnessed all of that and I wish first of all, what a privilege for me to be in this group, to see all of that happening and I think we all influence each other in such a positive way. I feel like you both are the brothers that I always wish I had. Now it’s a reality and we’re family. I was telling my mom who you had the chance to meet and then I’m going to like show the audience a little over artwork. That’s where mom sitting there. So you get to see my mom, you get to meet my mom and we’re all artists here. It’s just absolutely incredible. I was telling her how do we all meet each other, become friends, so close to each other spiritually, yet we don’t look the same. We speak different languages, we come from drastically different places. So I really want this video to be a message to people out there, whether you’re a musician, your creator, your podcaster, to respect and to promote this type of collaborations, to learn from one another and to know that, you know, sky is the limit.

You don’t have to limit yourself.

Yeah, I think when I decided to work with this, you know, I think obviously the people you will learn all the time. But I think for me the more important is when I am making this, I have to enjoy it. For me, it’s very important that look like a game like I am playing. But obviously responsibility in this game, very professional. But I need to laugh and laugh important. Obviously, sometimes that doesn’t mean that you are not responsibility or you are not professional, you know, because we spend a lot of time to try to be better. That doesn’t mean you’re professional, but you can try that in the way more funny laughing, because always when I make a life, when I’m streaming, for me, it’s important that people laugh with me, you know,, that is the more important. I think that is the way that.

I love that’s so wonderful to share this, and I love to hear our conversation in both languages, see how people interact. There’s so much I can learn from you in terms of how to make this more engaging. And thank you so much for spending the time. Tara, is there anything I should have asked you, but I haven’t. Is there anything else you want to leave with your audience and mine?

Oh, okay. I am so happy, really, for this interview. I’m so happy for your support page, because I think you met to me when? In the first or second albums. In the first album, I think. I’m so happy. It’s very nice to be here now I want to say a lot of things in my feelings, but I’m very sensitive. I don’t want to cry, but I am so happy to meet you. I am so happy to be here. I am happy to know your mom. Really? Okay, I will say again, I am happy. I think I said that like a 20 times, but really, really

minutes. I don’t know how many minutes we were speaking. How many minutes?

We are like possibly half an hour already.

Okay, half an hour. People will say something in Spanish.

I haven’t even practiced.

This is my first song. 20 years ago.

20 years ago.

No, listen, people. That’s true. Asiano practical. Nada, you didn’t practice anything. Okay, okay. You can say something very I would say like, thank you so much, people to be here. I’m okay. And I hope you like this interview.

You really like.

Okay. Too much. More short tips. Thank you to be here. And I want to say thank you to be here. That is perfect.

Oh, are you asking me to do it?

I will say that. Yeah, you have to say this. Okay.

Okay, I’m ready.


Say that one more time.

Lesmando umbezo.

Lesmando umbeso.


Oh, my goodness, guys, this is so much more difficult. I have to like, learn to learn English.

Yeah, that is true. That is true. That’s the truth. Okay, thank you so much. Really, really in Chinese, right?

Thank you. Your Chinese heritage Chinese has excelled so much in the past ten days. Speaking with my mom.

Terrible. Terrible.

It’s very good tissue. So cute. Oh, my God. So much love.

Yeah, so much love.

Unity. Perfect. Thank you so much.

Bye bye. You.

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