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Behind the Scenes With Seth Godin on Feisworld Documentary

4 years ago, I packed my bags and went on a journey to shoot a documentary series for the Feisworld Podcast. I didn’t realize the power of video content, and for years I was avoiding it at all cost. Turns out, most people are NOT comfortable on camera, and I was one of them.

When you finish a huge project like this and after spending weeks on the road living in airbnbs, eating pizza and sleeping 3 hours a night, the stress gets to you.

In 2018, all I wanted was for the documentary to launch, and we finally did in 2019 after avoiding a crazy distributor scam, and eventually pushed the series on Amazon Prime on our own.

I promised myself that the best bits were some of the behind-the-scenes content. So 4 years later today, I’m sitting down for the first time, converting extremely large raw files into editable MP4s I can look back on and share with you. Some of the sweetest bits turned out to be the most unprepared, most awkward moments.

This is the part where Seth Godin and I sat down in a crowded room filled with camera and lighting equipment and 5 team members in a regular size hotel room.

Was I nervous? Hell yeah, and it showed. But I’m so proud to have lived this moment.

The entire series of Feisworld Documentary is free to watch on Podia, you are welcome to start with Seth’s episode 4: 

What happened after my documentary journey? It took years but I’m no longer afraid of videos, or my camera presence. Instead, I’m obsessed with video content creation and publishing regularly on YouTube. Even better, I started helping other entrepreneurs and companies start and sustain their own successful video channels.

Keep on creating, 


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