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The Year Before I Turn 40…

I’ve been encouraged to share some personal aspects of my life with you. This is one of those attempts – no software tutorial, no teaching of anything. If this isn’t for you, simply skip it, and I’ll see you in a week. 

In late June, I turned 39. Here’s a picture from that day. 

Fei Wu: The year before I turn 40.

I woke up to some flowers, balloons, and a fruit basket sent from some of my dearest friends and colleagues who live nowhere near me. 

Then I went to Facebook to answer some messages that mostly read like: “Happy bday! Have a good one!” while generic, there’s still a sense of appreciation and humor in engaging this way on social media. 

Sometimes I tell people that I like certain ages, often multiples of 12 for some reasons when I turned 12, 24, 36… they felt more milestones to me than the usual decades that end in 0s. For a change though, this email is about the year before I turn 40. 🙂

I heard my friend talk about turning 40 and how difficult it was. Compared to turning 30, 40 is a milestone people want to remember themselves as being successful, stable and generally have “things figured out”. 

For me, it’s about leading a life that makes me happy and fulfilled. There’s a lot I can celebrate from the past few years – building a home for me and my loved ones, including relocating my mom from Beijing to now Grafton, MA on a permanent basis. 

Feisworld Media as a business has done well. I never had the desire for hyper growth. Instead, I love my core team of 5 people, plus a few contractors who are also friends of Feisworld, to collectively drive our vision forward.  

With my core team’s help, we are going to focus primarily on growing Feisworld Media as a resource hub to help creators leverage the right technologies to work smarter, and be able to do what they love long term.

My main goal during this year before I turn 40 is to set focus for me and for Feisworld, where I can develop more sustainable revenue sources that will give me more freedom to do even more of what I love.

We are working hard towards this vision and will keep you posted along the way. 

Have you turned 40 yet? 

What inspires you in the coming year? 



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