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Ticket Tailor: Best Eventbrite Alternative? (2023)

Are you paying too much for Eventbrite and ready to explore a better, cheaper, and easy-to-use alternative? If so, Ticket Tailor may be right for you. I wrote this article based on our experience running large paid events previously using Eventbrite, so you and your attendees can save big on fees by simply switching over to Ticket Tailor.

As a virtual event strategist and moderator, I understand that it can be a pain to switch event platforms. Once you’ve finally set up a flow for your event, resized the images, connected Zoom, etc etc., you really don’t want to switch platforms if you don’t have to. But when you look at the high fees charged by Eventbrite for using their platform for paid events, you have to think twice.

By exploring other platforms, you now have the opportunity to absorb fewer fees as an organizer (if you decide to take on the fees) or reduce the fees for your attendees (if you pass them on).

The quality and ease of use for the new event platform have to be reliable like Eventbrite. The good news is that they already exist today. Our favorite pick is Ticket Tailor.

But first, let’s understand the fee structure, and then we will go over key features for these two platforms. Feel free to use the table of contents below to jump to the section that interests you the most.

Eventbrite’s fee structure for paid events

Please note: Eventbrite is free for free events. The fee structure below applies to paid events, and it’s much higher than most even platforms.

For US-based event hosts, Eventbrite Service Fee: 3.7% + $1.79 per sold ticket. Eventbrite Payment Processing Fee: 2.9% of the total order. Here’s a breakdown for fee per country.

Sure, if you have a small event profiting say $100, this fee structure doesn’t seem like much. But what does Eventbrite fees translate if you are selling $25 per ticket and 400+ tickets for an event?

Let me show you what our event ended up costing:

Eventbrite fee structure (vs Ticket Tailor)

The Eventbrite Payment Processing fee, and the additional Eventbrite service fee for a large event are more than noticeable, even shocking in some ways.

As an event organizer, you do have the option to either absorb the fee or pass it on to your attendees. i.e. instead of paying $25 per ticket, each of your attendees will pay $28 and change. This can add up for individuals especially if your events are recurring. Plus, why pay more if you don’t have to?!

What is Ticket Tailor?

Ticket Tailor is a simple, free event ticketing solution for events of all shapes and sizes. Sign-up is free. G2 ranks Ticket Tailor 4.9 out of 5, compared to Eventbrite’s 4.4 out of 5.

Ticket Tailor has sold over 23 million tickets, and hosted over 60,000 events in over 180 countries.

Ticket Tailor’s simple fee structure

Ticket Tailor uses a credit model. You can use our link here to claim 50 free credits when you sign up for Ticket Tailor.

For a credit of 100 (to host 100 attendees for your events), it costs $0.52 to sell each ticket through Ticket Tailor, with a total cost of $52 to use the platform.

Ticket Tailor Credit Model

By increasing credits to 500 (or 500 attendees), the cost per ticket goes down to $0.45, with a total cost of $225 to use the platform. Compared to $966 from my example above selling fewer than 500 tickets via the Eventbrite platform.

Screenshot 2023 04 03 at 5.09.34 PM | Feisworld

Ticket Tailor vs. Eventbrite

I know what you are thinking: is Ticket Tailor too good to be true? Does it really have the power and features like Eventbrite to get the job done right?

Let’s break down the important stuff.


Let’s talk about the really important stuff first. How much does it cost?

Ticket Tailor costs roughly a quarter (1/4) as much compared to Eventbrite!

Event setup

It takes minutes to set up an event and a landing page using Ticket Tailor. The fields aren’t excessive, and the process is straightforward.

Ticket Tailor Event Setup

Event summary and dashboard

There’s a clear event summary dashboard for you to monitor the ticket sales, revenue, days to go, and views in real time.

Ticket Tailor Dashboard (2023)

Coupons, discounts and bundles

Do you need discount codes and coupons for your event? Ticket Tailor got them too. It’s really easy to set up multiple discount codes under “Promote”.

Ticket Tailor Coupons

Bundles are available in Ticket Tailor as well, which allows you to combine your available tickets to offer special pricing.

Ticket Tailor ticket types

Zoom and other virtual communication integrations

Unlike Eventbrite, Ticket Tailor doesn’t have a native integration with Zoom or other virtual communication platforms. Instead, you use Zoom or Zoom webinar to create the event details, and then you reference the details inside Ticket Tailor’s order confirmation.

Zapier integration with Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars

But if you do want to take advantage of existing features right from Zoom. For example, Zoom webinar registrants will automatically receive reminder emails with links to join the webinar. This will require Ticket Tailor attendees to be registered as Zoom attendees.

You can do that automatically with Zapier.

Check out these convenient connections using Zapier for both Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars. This step is entirely optional and it’s up to you as the event host.

Please note: if the attendee is added to Zoom, and if you have Zoom’s email automation and reminders turned on, they will be receiving them as well. In this case, you can decide whether you want to either Ticket Tailor or Zoom for email reminders and follow-ups.

Screenshot by Dropbox Capture 3 | Feisworld

Email reminders

If you are not connecting Ticket Tailor to Zoom using Zapier, I highly recommend you set up broadcast email campaigns as well, and have those emails go out 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, and 10-15 mins before the event starts. This email feature is built into Ticket Tailor (similar to Eventbrite), hence making event follow-up and reminders very easy.

Ticket Tailor Create Broadcast

Furthermore, Ticket Tailor email broadcasts allow you to create these emails and schedule them to go out at selected times, such as:

  • Immediately – send your message instantly to your chosen audience
  • At a scheduled date and time – choose a specified time to send your message
  • At a scheduled interval before the event starts – choose to send your message a certain number of hours/days before your event
  • At a scheduled interval after the event end – choose to send your message a certain number of hours/days after your event

Event Analytics

You can view your event analytics from the ‘Event Summary’ page. To do this:

Find your event in the ‘Events’ section of your dashboard, and you’ll see your Event summary which shows tickets sold, sales revenue, and days to go until your event. On this page you can also see ticket sales, add-on sales and referral sales summaries which show the performance of your event over time. For more detailed analytics, you can connect Google Analytics to your Ticket Tailor event.

Conclusion: Ticket Tailor vs. Eventbrite

As you can see, Ticket Tailor has many advantages over Eventbrite. One of the biggest incentives of using Ticket Tailor is its simple and reasonable fee structure.

Eventbrite on the other hand is still a good option for free events. However, Eventbrite can quickly become very pricey for bigger paid events. Eventbrite is also a marketplace for events (Ticket Tailor is not). In some sense, Eventbrite can potentially drive more eyeballs (or competition and distraction) to your event, depending on how you look at it.

The ultimate decision is up to you. Perhaps the decision is easy. If not, feel free to experiment with Ticket Tailor and see it for yourself before planning many more future events.

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