Reaching Billions (Course &  Services)

Launch Your Podcast in front of 500 Million Listeners (twice of iTunes, for real!)
WITHOUT learning a word of Chinese!

Free Course to Launch Your Podcast in China

You (the podcaster) spend days and weeks producing your show but the reach has stagnated. You are eager to expand your audience beyond your home country, and do I dare to say… beyond English speaking countries! 

This course is to help you reach the Chinese audience who are eager to engage and consume your podcast content. I will teach you how to do this with WITHOUT learning a word of Chinese.

In the Reaching Billions free course, which includes 15 videos, 7 PDFs and Text documents of translations and annotations. 

Update as of August 2018: We recommend users with iOS mobile phones to consider this course first, as some Android users reported difficulties in using Ximalaya Android mobile apps for support. 

Premium Services

We do all the work, so you don’t have to.







Key Benefits

Claim your show independently on Ximalaya 

Full control over all aspects of your show

New episode upload at no additional cost



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Other Perks

We will take care of the entire show creation process AND offer everything from the Feisworld Network package 

PLUS  we will set up the WeChat credentials with you and handhold you through the Ximalaya verification process (your passport is required). 

Once your show is launched, you can upload and schedule new episodes at anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is passport a requirement for creating my own account on Ximalaya? 

Yes. This requirement for verification came about in April/May 2018. You are unable to upload any episode to your podcast until you verify your account. For non-Chinese podcasters, using their passports is the only way for verification. Providing your passport info to Ximalaya isn’t so different than using it for travel, or to register at a hotel. You can Google more info regarding the risks of using your passport. 

If you feel uncomfortable sharing your passport, our alternative solution is for you to join as part of the existing Feisowrld Network on Ximalaya. 

Why do I want to launch my show in China?

Ximalaya is currently the biggest podcast platform in China with 500 million active listeners. That is twice the amount of iTunes listeners. 

Is the Chinese audience generally looking for shows in English, or a foreign language other than Chinese? 

Yes. According to sources from Ximalaya and other forums I’ve researched, the Chinese audience is looking for high quality shows in languages other than Chinese. Currently the Ximalaya platform and other major platforms mostly offer foreign shows that focus on language learning. But the listeners are seeking content in all the other categories as well – Business, Arts, Entertainment, History, etc.   

Can the Chinese audience access iTunes or apps outside of Ximalaya? 

Yes – but the download speed to access content from these platforms can be slow. When I was traveling in China, average episode took about 15-20 seconds to download. Hence it’s always better to be where the audience is, rather than waiting for them to come to you.

How many downloads do I get when I launch on Ximalaya? 

When you are new to Ximalaya, it takes some time for people to discover your podcast. Depending on which category you list your show under, the downloads will vary. If you are consistent with delivering your episodes, you show is more likely to get noticed. 

There are additional methods in growing your show and engaging with the audience in and outside of Ximalaya which will be part of the Paid course.

Will I be able to profit from these downloads?

This won’t happen overnight. Depending on the nature of your show, it may or may not drive significant revenue. If it does become profitable, Ximalaya makes it easy for you to “cash in” because it’s already an all-in-one platform. We will explain payment setup in the Paid version of this course.

Once I get the listeners in China, what’s next? 

You can get pretty far running your show using Google Translator (or as similar translation tool) on your own. Once you’ve reached significant audience in China, you will want to properly engage with them. To do this, we recommend you hire a translator, or a virtual assistant who is fluent in Chinese. 

Additional Service Inquires

For Chinese voice recording, additional translation request, please use the form below to contact us. Thank you!