Tips to Prep for your Zoom Webinar with Multiple Panelists and Musicians

8 Tips to Prep for Your Zoom Webinar With Multiple Panelists and Musicians for Performances

This video is all about preparing BEFORE your Zoom Webinar to make sure everything goes smoothly when you hold your event.

Show Notes:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:39 Tip 1: Have a prep call
  • 04:08 Tip 2: Set up a zoom webinar
  • 04:29 Tip 3: Pick a room
  • 04:51 Tip 4: Confirm the setup before you join
  • 05:13 Tip 5: Use a webcam with a tripod
  • 05:28 Tip 6: Make sure your device is charged
  • 06:12 Tip 7: Ask people to test their internet speed
  • 06:46 Tip 8: Test with an external microphone


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