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Best Chinese New Year Gifts For Year of the Dragon (2024)

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon (2024), a time when traditions blend with artistic finesse. If you’re seeking distinctive Chinese New Year gifts that transcend the ordinary instead of generic products most people get every year, look no further. Today we are going to dive into a realm of cultural richness and artistic mastery with a collection curated by the master Chinese artist, Xiang Li. With over 40 years of expertise as a restoration artist at the Forbidden City in Beijing, Xiang Li brings a profound connection to Chinese history through her art.

Join us in exploring a curated selection of dragon-themed treasures, art prints, wearables, framed masterpieces, home decor, and accessories that promise to elevate your gift-giving experience for a friend, colleague, client and beyond!

Best Chinese New Year Gifts in 2024 (Our Picks)

1. Happy Buddha Framed Art Print

In Chinese culture, the “Happy Buddha” typically refers to Budai, also known as the “Laughing Buddha” or “Fat Buddha.” While the traditional Chinese New Year celebrations are rooted in various customs and symbols, Budai holds a distinct place in Chinese folklore and iconography. However, it’s important to note that the association of Budai with the Chinese New Year may not be as direct or common as with other symbols like the Chinese zodiac animals.

Some of the Best Chinese New Year Gifts in 2024 are from Xiang Li Art store

2. Dragon and Empress Hoodie

That’s me wearing it! I can’t have enough of this hoodie – for work calls, and casual gatherings, you can really dress up or down this hoodie. It’s so comfy and versatile. The unisex design still fits women really well without a bulky waistline.

3. Fearless Dragon Desk Mat

Using a desk mat not only protects your desk from scratches and spills but also enhances your workspace. These mats provide a smooth surface for comfortable typing and mouse use, reduce noise from keystrokes and clicks, and add a touch of personalization to your desk. With authentic dragon design from Xiang Li Art, these desk mats contribute to a cleaner, more organized, and aesthetically pleasing work environment.

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If you like what you’ve seen so far, be sure to check out Xiang Li’s other creations on Etsy at:

Tips on picking the best Chinese New Year Gifts

Picking the best Chinese New Year gifts for families and friends involves considering cultural significance, symbolism, and personal preferences. Here are some quick tips:

  1. Lunar New Year Symbols: Choose gifts that symbolize good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Items like tangerines, oranges, or products featuring the Chinese character for “luck” (福 – Fu) are considered auspicious. Animal symbols and characters work great too. For example, 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. Picking items that have dragon designs and prints could work very well so it’s not only relevant to the Chinese New Year but more specific and memorable to the year as well.
  2. Traditional Treats: Gift traditional Chinese New Year treats such as nian gao (sticky rice cake), melon seeds, or assorted dried fruits. These items are often associated with good fortune.
  3. Red Packets (Hongbao): Red packets, also known as hongbao or lai see, are traditional gifts containing money. Giving red packets is a common and symbolic way to share good wishes and prosperity.
  4. Tea Sets: Quality tea sets or premium teas are appreciated gifts. Tea symbolizes harmony and is an integral part of Chinese culture. Opt for a set with elegant packaging.
  5. Decorative Items: Consider decorative items like Chinese lanterns, banners with auspicious messages, or traditional Chinese artwork. These can add a festive touch to the home. However, consider higher quality and more unique designs if possible. People tend to purchase a lot of the same items from sites such as Amazon, hence we recommend decorative items that are handmade, designed by hand, and created by independent and local artists if possible.
  6. Traditional Clothing or Accessories: Traditional Chinese clothing, such as a qipao or a tang suit, can make a thoughtful gift. Alternatively, accessories like jade jewelry or embroidered handkerchiefs are appreciated.
  7. Potted Plants or Flowers: Blooming plants or flowers like orchids, peonies, or plum blossoms are associated with beauty, wealth, and prosperity. Choose vibrant and auspicious varieties.
  8. Culinary Gifts: Give gourmet gifts or specialty foods, such as premium Chinese teas, high-quality sauces, or delicacies. Make sure the packaging is attractive.
  9. Customized Gifts: Consider personalized gifts with the recipient’s name or initials. Customization adds a special touch and shows thoughtfulness.
  10. Gifts for Children: If you’re gifting to families with children, consider toys, books, or clothing with cute and festive designs related to the Chinese zodiac animal of the year.
  11. Cultural Experiences: Instead of physical gifts, consider gifting experiences like tickets to cultural events, performances, or a meal at a Chinese restaurant. Remember that there are often local venues, especially museums that may offer incredible entertainment and educational experiences for the entire family.
  12. Avoid Negative Symbols: Be mindful of avoiding gifts associated with negative connotations, such as clocks, white flowers, or sharp objects, as they may be considered inauspicious.

Remember to present your gift with both hands, as it is a sign of respect in Chinese culture. Additionally, a well-written greeting card expressing good wishes for the new year adds a personal touch to your gift.

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